Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bi-Carb Protocol

Looking for answers.....

An effective and common protocol that should help is this... First thing in the morning 1/2 teaspoon Bi-Carb in water this will soothe the acid stomach condition ( Bi-Carb also has tumour shrinking qualities)...It kills Candida on contact ( high suspect in Cancer )... is pleasant to take, a very powerful and safe anti cancer tool........... To remove the heavy metal toxicity from the chemo ( chemo drugs such as Cistplatin are made from Platinum , a very carcinogenic compound) the best safest cheapest proven way is to use green clay as a drink.. Clay removes chemo drugs by adsorbtion & absorbtion from the blood stream and tissues...Make up 1 teaspoon of clay in water... let stand overnight to re-hydrate it ... mix and drink in the morning after the bi-carb.. BEFORE any food.... NEVER allow metal to touch the clay.. use a plastic spoon... Clay is pleasant and mild to drink..This protocol is absolutely safe and widely used in Naturopathic oncology..

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