Thursday, 11 December 2014

Goanna was a link to Luna Park

Milsons point & the future Luna park site 1800s the land was an aboriginal burial ground the cliffs went to the waters edge before being cut back for milsons point station/ferry interchange 1885-1926 the station was cut back to be land to build the harbour bridge in 1934 luna park Adelaide moved to this spot & opens 4/10/35 at 8pm.
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Barvara Hush Yes I have read where bodies of aboriginal people were stacked high after dying from smallpox along that area. Tragic!
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  • Colin Clarke Yes its lavender bay Its sacred to the natives the land does have a native name something to do with a Goanna as you see the shape of the foreshore land is in the shape of a goanna the head being where the face sits the midway its body & the tail the curve of the bay.

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