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Release Clint Benjamin Palmer From Mental Health GE Ward Nambour Hospital

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The Kings Cross Sting exposes the stories.....
 Medical Mental Health Board has Solicitors, they rely on a Doctor...
The Doctor I interviewed at

This situation of CLINT BENJAMIN PALMER began in 1998. Clint was engaged to Simone Taylor aka palmer / kolo who has a devious and suspicious background. She is a manipulative character. Simone at the time also had a boyfriend by the name of Matt. She is not apparently in the same relationship today but anything could be on with this gal.
Clint Palmer married Simone Taylor aka palmer /kolo in 2000 when Simone was pregnant with his unborn child by the name of Storm. At that time Clint was paying off his car through GE finance, a hefty credit card account and also making good an account with Energex for Simone collecting a telephone pole. Things were tough but Clint was a worker, had a clean record in anything and was a responsible and creative adult. He worked away from home on trawlers and mines as a competent and reliable welder. He always provided. Simone had invigorated her cheating relationship with the person Matt and had full access and knowledge of Clint’s identity and personal matters. A new-start program in the name of Clint Palmer was taken out between the 2 identities in the de facto relationship and this was not known by Clint who was still working away being accountable and responsible in his working and personal life. Clint during this time also paid a lump sum to GE Finance off the motor vehicle account of $2,000 fully documented. The signatures on the new-start documents and the GE payment are very similar but not identical, especially to a trained forensic eye. In addition, the false signature was also used in trying to sell up Clint's car formerly in the hands of Simone and her beau. The document signatures were again very similar but not identical. The Motor vehicle contract and other relevant documents testify to this scenario.
On September 25, 2001, the name of Clint Palmer was registered as visiting Nambour Hospital and being admitted to the psychiatric ward. At this time, Clint was visiting his mother Maree at Townsville. The patient admitted to the ward was not Clint Palmer. This can be absolutely proven in any Court of law. It was Matt Simone's boyfriend, also now proven to be of very dubious character. At this time Clint was with his mother touring Cairns, Mackay and Townsville. He obtained a Jupiter’s Casino card a couple of days before his supposedly Hospital admittance.
In addition, there was a documented meeting at Nambour Hospital on 27.11.01 between Maree the mother of Clint, daughters and boyfriends to analyse and agree upon the mental condition of Clint Palmer. The fact is the mother in attendance was not Maree. She has never ever had any meeting at this hospital. In addition, there has been a rort involving disability pensions etc and Clint himself attended a doctor’s surgery on another minor matter in December 2001.This fact is clarified by Doctors receipt and the mental patient Matt (Clint) was still in the Hospital ward. A sincere case of stolen identity, and attempted fraud.
In 2002, the patient Matt posing as Clint went on leave from Hospital with his Carer who was in fact his wife, the devious and manipulative Simone Taylor .For leave to happen and be approved, signatures etc must take place for hospital approval and the signatures match with the fraudulent signatures used my Matt and Simone re centre-link etc and anything else they could manufacture to obtain funds by deception. Bills paid by Clint and movements by the man are well documented and proven to show that he was in Mt Isa working at the time .Clint has never had any Drivers Licence issues but his Licence had been stolen out of his wallet and surrendered. It is also alleged that Clint abused his child Storm in writing etc and the Mental Health Service acted upon such not knowing that the complaints were again manufactured evidence. It is also well documented and proven that Clint, supposedly in the Mental Health care system , attended various parties and social events at the same time when he was under the Mental Health system control. Virtually impossible. The patient was indeed the cunning and fallen associate of Simone by the name of Matt, posing as Clint. Simone and Clint had officially separated by this time with Simone claiming all sorts of innuendo etc and manifested resentment to all within earshot. At the time of separation, the wife Simone possessed the car and the child Storm both of what were Clint's treasured and much loved commodities. She knew this well and tried to use both the car and the child as bargaining power for what she was able to extract and any given time from the gullible but obliging Clint, who was in turn trying to keep the broken relationship amicable because of his two great loves. Any decent man would and Clint Palmer is a decent and hard working guy caught up in an unwanted but testing scenario
On the 8th August, 2002 Clint Palmer, that is.... the real one agreed to meet his former wife Simone at the CCU unit where Matt posing as Clint was still a patient rorting the system. The reason for such a visit is not known but one can assume it revolved around the child Storm and his valued car. When in the CCU with his former wife it is alleged that Clint was given a sleeping medication in a milkshake and laid down on a bed to sleep a bit .Matt became himself again and Clint was substituted within the mental care unit and the switch was successful. The Hospital legalised the matter and the file was subsequently closed. Mental Health care had their man and one can only believe that money and corruption were involved in this elaborate and successful manipulation. The husband was inside, declared insane by his wife and she had the car and the kid. It seems too elaborate and hideous to actually believe but that is what happened. End of story. The attending Doctor also rightly questioned the validity of the new patient .He also knew that the "new" Clint was indeed a totally different identity. Such scenarios, however, are not uncommon in a disgraceful and dysfunctional Mental Health Care system in any state in Australia. There are thousands who should not be locked up and institutionalised. The system is a joke and the majority of the public sector, especially where loved ones are involved , agree to this analysis It is fact .Cover ups are also prevalent in this Governmental system.
The newly admitted Clint Palmer then became unfortunately a documented patient of the mental Health system under medication, involuntary treatment orders ,in and out of hospital and even took steps to pursue private psychological analysis to see if in fact if he was mentally ill. Another Doctor tested Clint at Moolooba and could not find anything wrong with the man. He was also, in the mental hospital clinic, against his will subjected to brain shock treatment to dull his natural memory. His car was in the hands of public trust for sale and again the fraudulent signatures used on many occasion’s by the other party matched up. Very close but not the real signature. Clint became part of the system which allows parental involvement and on one occasion his real mother Maree was so concerned at his state on a multitude of drugs he "had to take" that she took him to Hospital at Emerald because he was freezing up from side effects of such medications. Emerald hospital could not help him so he travelled with Maree to Rockhampton to seek treatment. He went there as a voluntary patient and the Hospital slapped an involuntary order on Clint and he was detained. His car licence was handed in and divorce proceedings took place without his consent by his former wife. She also has continuously interfered with the Drivers Licence of Clint in an ongoing saga. Public Trust also became his "Guardian" and social worker by the name of Sarah Toohey became involved and obviously participated in financial and other control. His car also became the property of Public Trust but later obtained by his mother then traded on another vehicle after the Carer involved crashed Clint’s car on a joyride...Absolutely absurd. Clint is actually a terrific driver educated by the late Peter Brock and there is video proof of this fact. It is alleged that his ex wife and the mental care nurses were indeed closely connected,. Clint was` kept at Nambour Hospital until released on leave with parental care on 30-6-04. His mother and cousin never had a problem with him as the medication was monitored and he undertook work and manual labour at the local Service Station at Kawana Waters close to where his mother resides. After leave expired Clint went back in and was subjected again to abuse and a cocktail of "nerve calming Drugs". On one occassion, Maree upon visiting was so upset that Clint absconded with his cousin and while on the run from the authorities Clint actually became much better physically and had much more mental clarity. He was assisted with natural Vitamins, sound diet and rest and sleep. He was a different person in a matter of days. Purely because there was zero wrong with the man, in the first place. The Police apprehended and flew Clint to Prince Charles Minimum Security Unit. Before Mental Health interference Clint did not even have a parking ticket and no Police record.
His mother Maree was granted permission to visit on 13th November 2005 and was physically assaulted by a nurse and asked to leave. A formal complaint was made to Police by Maree and she was subsequently banned for over 18 months from all further visits despite zero verbal or physical interaction by herself at any time. Clint was transferred again to Nambour Psych hospital and finally to Diamond Valley Lodge, an institutional half way house for the mentally ill. He was allowed cigarettes despite never have previously smoked and has asthmatic conditions. He was there for ten months and going further downhill on a daily basis. Clint was allowed to go home for a while under the care of his mother who has voiced a motivated public campaign on the injustice of what has happened to her boy and the inadequacies of the public mental health system. All formal complaints fell on deaf ears...
Queensland Mental Health representatives then came and kidnapped Clint Benjamin Palmer and have hidden him at Toowoomba Mental Health Unit allowing no visitors. He was there for almost 2 years Nice old cover up. Clint walked out of Toowoomba mental health unit in September 2013 and was missing for almost three weeks. He was placed on a missing person’s list with the police. He was not put down as a mental health patient who had absconded from a mental health facility. Therefore they can’t say he was a danger to himself or the public. He finally turned up at the emergency unit at Nanbour hospital of his own accord with an asthma attack. He was promptly placed in the mental health unit ge ward at Nambour hospital. Clint’s mother has not been allowed any physical contact with Clint since he has been there. Maree has made numerous phone calls to the mental health unt that she has recorded. Maree has also tried to contact the mental health service director Mr. George Plint by email to try to arrange to see her son and also too bring someone of her choice with her due to her past experience in dealing with mental health workers. Until now she has had no response. His former wife and her previous de facto have committed multiple serious fraud offences and the Mental Health unit across Queensland have been involved in this elaborate but truthful hoax. Simone has also interfered vigorously in the lives of many others combining her natural criminal and fornicating mind with mental health manipulations. The Police have washed their hands of the situation and anyone else who desire to speak up are threatened and cautioned. Criminals are involved in these threats and lives actually lost.

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