Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Height of Lee Harvey Oswald debate

Danny Vasquez put this up, but I want you to notice something. It says that Lee Harvey Oswald was 71 inches. But, the Oswald who was arrested in Dallas was 69 inches. In fact, when he was arrested in New Orleans, the police put him on a height ledger which said 5'9" and they took a picture which we have. So, the Oswald of fame was definitely 69 inches. 

And, this form also says that he was 150 pounds, and his age at the time was 18. Well, the Oswald of fame was never that heavy. In New Orleans, he was 140 pounds, and he was round in the face then. In Dallas, he was 131 pounds. There is no reason to think that he was 150 pounds when he was 18 years old.

But, even if you just go by the height, the Oswald of fame could not possibly have been that tall.   Reporter Ralph Clinque

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