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South.Australia.Missing.Children.....Yatina, Beaumont Children, Hells Angel's and the connections with Abe Saffron










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From: Jennifer <take2looks@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 11:41 AM
Subject: Beaumont Children, Hells Angel's and the connections with Abe Saffron
To: "sapol.enquiries@police.sa.gov.au" <sapol.enquiries@police.sa.gov.au>

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From: Jennifer <take2looks@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 11:48 AM
Subject: Hells Angels, Abe Saffron, Please just a search warrant
To: secretariat <secretariat@police.nsw.gov.au>

If you want to find your loved ones, please ask the police to search 6/34-36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross because, I had put together the system allegedly Abe Saffron started this system of killings to the god of Molloch that is written about in the old testament.  However the system of murders, offerings like roberies, rapes, sex mentioned in the crime is carried out still today by members of the gang allegedly Hells Angels.  This god of Mollect was for the rebellion angel, they named Hells Angels after WWII.  The system will be a childs game however if you are chosen its a deadly game.
1.  There is a Bell or Beau
Beaumont Children taken from the beach, Bell beach?  Beau whether a guy or in this case name date taken 26.1.66 when Prime Minister Harold Holt was first day of being Prime Minister and the currency changed to decimal. 
2.  Three people are in the next, for the 3rd phase, there was 3 children.
3.  Prime Minister Harold Holt for the decimal currency is why, the black market had suffered, also timing of death will be to do with the molloch 17.12.67 an offering to the god of molloch.  Drowning, by water is mentioned in the god of molloch teachings as no body then there is no dna and thus you can't be charged with murder without a body.
4.  Juanita Nielsen 4.7.75 bloodline to the Rose family, allegedly to the Royal Blood.  Following the drug money allegedly murdered to keep the drug network hidden and to scare people off.
5.  Donald Mackay MP to be July 77 to keep drug network hidden
6.  Howard Twyrell, the gun will be found in the brothel as to keeping the horse fixing hidden
7  Abe Saffron  would hunt down the people who he had to kill others, Christopher Dale Flannery, Tony Jones, both allegedly hunted down by the Lochiel, Crooked Nose Allegedly Abe Saffron.  By killing these 2 people hid the true identitiy of the person who ordered the murders.
Time of the deaths for many of the 100 unsolved drownings will relate to the times of worship to the god of molloch.
Many Hells Angels are religious to the old testament through this part of the act.  Abe Saffron had the secret, no body, no dna, cant get caught he was in charge of the brothel at that time.  The area the bodies were allegedly put into concrete to hide them.  The smell was noticed in the brothel by Shannon Elliffe another Hells Angels associate that has extorted me for more than $340 k+.  The area being subfloor area is why the police didn't notice, the ceiling removed in parts to allow for head height.  Chop Peter william Schaffer has terrorised me, if you look at him he is much like Robert Trimbole
The Hells Angels that were buying the brothel, Felix Lyle, Bill Bayeh, Elias Elias, Quentin Vertigan just another childs game as the brothel really if it has the bodies cant be open.  Kings Cross only has one legal brothel on the strip, why can't it open when the thugs come in to the brothel to terrorise you.
Many people don't believe me, however how easy would it be for the brothel area to be searched.  A Hells Angels member said to me, the alleged corrupt cops is why it will never be searched.  This man allegedly was sent to terrorise me whilst I have been put into hospital just because I truly believe that there has to be something in this brothel otherwise they would not have gone after me like they have.

Many of the working girls told me about what was in this area, I believe they over heard by the thugs, Allegedly Frank Amante, Bill Bayeh, Sammy Sweet, John Ibrahim, Quentin Vertigan, Hugh Bond, Chop, Essam Gerges as to what was in this area of the brothel

Please just a search warrant, it is necessary,
Jennifer Weatherstone.

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From: Jennifer <take2looks@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 1:18 AM
Subject: Fwd: Evidence for the alleged murder of Harold Holt Prime Minister 1967
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Title: Mrs
First name: Jennifer
Family name: Weatherstone
Email address: take2looks@gmail.com
Street address:
Street address:
Town / City:
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Subject: Significant evidence regarding the alleged murder of Prime Minister Harold Holt 1967
Comment: http://www.harold-holt.net/   Found this website regarding the then Prime Minister Harold Holt and note, it was the police report that furthered no corner's inquest.  However, Abe Saffron was around, Kings Cross and the submarine base is close by, the navy base is close by to Kings Cross and the then Premier Askin allegedly was noted through evidence to public enquiries and listed under his name on wikepadia.  This evidence, with the alleged police search warrant that you will make sure is granted to locate the remains of the Prime Minister Harold Holt and the reason why was because of the decimal currency and the amount of pounds that allegedly Abe Saffron could not exchange.  Please, have the police to search immediately the brothel known as Sparkling Chandeliers 6/36A Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross.  I did ask John Ibrahim, king of the cross to help me obtain a search warrant however this finding of the bodies will expose Hells Angels as a criminal organisation.

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