Monday, 15 December 2014

Channel 7 Reports Siege Martin Place yet they won't push the police to search for Juanita Nielsen?

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- Gunshots sparked swoop on Lindt cafe which brought 17-hour‪#‎SydneySiege‬ to an end.
- The gunman reportedly shot at a hostage - 8 seconds later, police moved in.
- 17 hostages in total.
- Two hostages confirmed dead - a man aged 34 and a woman aged 38.
. Gunman also confirmed dead.
- The gunman has been named as 'Sheikh' Man Monis.
- One officer injured with a non-life threatening wound to his face from gunshot pellets.
- Four injured.
- A critical investigation has been launched.
- NSW Police Comm. Andrew Scipione says 'This was an isolated incident. It was the act of an individual.'
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Here's the full statement from NSW Police confirming the deaths of two hostages and the gunman in the siege at the Lindt cafe at Martin Place.‪#‎SydneySiege‬
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