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Luna Park Ghost Train fire was the first Moloch link The Kings Cross Sting Investigation exposes

Luna Park
  • This is a interesting blog from a author/researcher Jennifer Stone who "was" a member of the Lost Sydney FB page. Posted on May 26th 2013. Just a taste, out of The Kings Cross Sting:Luna Park Evidence. History of the Dark Ride.
    Without touching on the Ghost train ride fire within the history of Abe Saffron would not be justice to the many that had died in the fire. The thoughts at the time, the first impressions as you read through the evidence were there was an alleged connection.

    I knew by understanding fully the history would expose something?
    I was finding out about the type of rides. The idea behind the Ghost Train Ride is there a link at all. However it wasn’t until I fully understood what type of rides that Luna Park was offering as to the awaking of the third eye. For most people they look at the sinister side the mystic of the card readers, the circus style of events that was surrounding the Ghost Train ride.

    The official name for this type of ride is the “dark ride”. A dark ride is any amusement park attraction that puts riders into a mechanical car, which follows a single track through the darkened area. Often the track would twist and turn in an indoor space surprising them with pop out surprises, jolts and scares. The first versions of the dark rides were very low tech however there are still some of these early model rides still in existence. 

    The dark ride is a classic when it was first configured. In part the reasoning for their success was the attraction pinpoints a complex, collective psychological allure that remains enticing and curiosity-piquing even for people today, the Ghost train ride was one of the Sydney Luna Park’s favourite ride.

    The origin of the dark rides came through the earlier version of the Old Mill rides invented by George W Schofield in 1902. These were based on bodies of water often man made where you would be seated in boats and floated or maneuver through a long dark tunnel that the ghostly references were to scare people. These were quickly developed into the Tunnel of Love.

    The rides were great for scaring the girls into the arms of the guys. It wasn’t long and sounds of symbols crashing, bells and whistles were utilised. These were to bring about the surprise and for many the laughter would be the reaction.

    The first automated Dark Ride was invented by William Cassidy in 1928. This was putting the Old Mill ride into a Dodgem ride car and a single electric track was going to be an easier format for the rides. It was the evolution to the Ghost Train rides we have today.
    The track was the start of the mechanical cars would move upon a winding track inside the darkness of a large rectangular structure. Hidden doors, with triggering props and sounds. Without the need for water, the structure could be fully utilised with a twisting path inside the building. There were trip wires that would move boxes to begin with full of ball bearings, devil masks would pop from behind walls and the carts would be moved over pipes to enhance the ride. The effects included not just sound, it was moving through areas where you would brush against faces in the dark. It was the unknown and being moved through an area where you had to cope with whatever was thrown at you. It’s in a way a bit like life.

    It was paying to surrender their wills to a single track, exit less along the way. You would have laughing, screaming with fear as the reaction to the fun and lure of the tunnel of love and these dark rides had on people. There was a sense of safety and controlled environment to the scary, primitive behaviour that returns to us all upon our reflexes being exposed to the extremities. Some called them the new age therapy machines for fun.

    Upon the development of the dodgem car, was known as the Pretzel Ride because of the twisting path, sometimes it was known as firefly with the sparks that would sometimes be made when the cart was twisting on the track. The first of these rides also had a large weight which was shaped in a pretzel on the front as this was to keep the car from tipping forward on the track. This shape of the pretzel was close to the way the cart moved around the track.
    Since the rides were running on electricity, the rides than became the ability to be transportable version of the ride could be made and sold to amusement parks around the country of USA. The price was $1200, the sales soared, the idea was patented thou there were other designs that appeared all over the country with names like Laff in the Dark, Spook a Rama, The Devil Chaser, Paris After Dark and Jungle land.

    As time went on, the dark rides became two storey, where a car was pulled up the initial incline by a chain which than lead to the use of the gravity along with angles of the track instead of an electric track fully. 

    The rides changed, however one of the most popular rides ever has been the Ghost Train Ride in Sydney Luna Park.
    We were after the links between allegedly Abe Saffron, drug network and probable course for the ghost train ride to be anything than allegedly a sheer accident.
    Whilst you have been reading the Private Investigation, you will see that I look at each angle of the problem this way and that. I put down the leads, planting the seed to see if I get any bites. Because these bites are the reaction, where you have to look.
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  • Les de Belin My late father-in-law was the Detective in charge of the investigation into this fire. He received praise from the Coroner.
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  • Lesley Eldridge Interesting...
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  • Peter G Gleeson A school mate broke his leg in the accident previous to this one
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  • Jennifer Stone If Les de Belin you have any comments please add them to the blog, the Police are investigating my evidence as I work to expose where allegedly Abe Saffron links to Moloch worshipping and the Ghost Train Ride was the first real link I had of this where the evidence I could show to the Police. What I found as the inquiry continued the corruption I hit. It is only in the last days where Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas stood down on sick leave and where he was in charge of gang crimes which the Luna Park Ghost Train fire linked too. Thank you for taking my investigation seriously.
  • SirCarl EarlofLochinvar A consortium named World Trade Centre Pty Ltd purchased the site and lease for $750,000.Hopkins and Barton, the last of the 'original showmen' that had built, run, and maintained the park, retired in 1970, leaving the park in the hands of the purchasing consortium. Soon after this, World Trade Centre Pty Ltd applied to construct a $50 million international trade centre on the Luna Park site, consisting of seven high-rise buildings, 929 thousand square metres of exhibition space, and a heliport. This plan was rejected by the New South Wales government, and after a reshuffle within the consortium, the decision was made to continue operation as an amusement park. On 9 June 1979, the park's Ghost Train caught fire. The fire quickly destroyed the ride, which was understaffed and not adequately covered by the park’s fire hose system, although it was contained before spreading to the nearby Big Dipper and River Caves.Searches of the charred rubble revealed the bodies of six children and one adult The park was immediately shut down. A Coronal inquest was unable to establish the cause of the fire, but concluded that Luna Park's managers and operators had failed in their duty of care towards the park's patrons. The NSW government called for tenders at the end of July 1979. Two rounds of tenders failed to produce a satisfactory result for both the government and the applicants. A third round of tenders was called for in March 1980. Australian Amusements Associates won the tender in September 1980, and took over administration of the site in early June 1981 On 31 May and 1 June, an auction was held to sell everything in the park that could be removed. - Abe may or may not have been involved but the owners let the place run down & wanted to redevelop the site. Sounds like Victoria St, Kings Cross.
More evidence arrived.  Abe did buy into luna park in 1969 with corrupt developer Col goldstien he spoke to then owner Ted Hopkins over the deal Hoppy said no they had a fight & didnt see eye to eye never Ted at that time was old & frail thats when Martin came to repaint the place the wran government said no to pull luna park down in 1976 then no work was done as though they wanted it to rot i met abe age 6 with mum mum knew him for years at Les girls in the cross he brought me a coke i sat on his lap & met carlotta he owned les girls at the same time as luna park funny me & mum goe to luna park guess who should be there Abe as manager 3 years later luna park died with others his son & neice admitted he lit the fire but kids werent meant to die all over 5 sky scrapers he planned for the site & harry drew the plans up for him put 2 & 2 together also i think the late Harry seidler who built australia sq was involved in the fire also & i think him & abe watched the fire from Harrys office above the park cos harry & his wife pennelope hated luna park it was murder.

Colin  Funny thing too smoking was not allowed on any rides buildings never from the 1930s-now if caught you were thrown out & it wasnt bikies either more like corrupt politicians businessmen & gangsters that lit that fire.

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