Thursday, 25 December 2014

Clint is held against his will? The Kings Cross Sting reports

The accusations against Nambour hospital have been going on for a long time! Today Clint and his family were told that Clint was not allowed home for Christmas. This was first conversation that Clint has been allowed to have with his mother in months. His mother told him I was on the line and represented the International Human rights commission as an advocate and when I asked how he was being treated the call was immediately terminated by Queensland Mental Health. They are now refusing to let his family speak to him. Please let the staff at Nambour Hospital GE ward that you do not approve of the torture of this man.
(07) 5470 6600
If you share this note, please copy and paste this dialogue ^^ to get the word out about how they are refusing him leave for Christmas. Thank you…/doctor-deat…/1393174/
DOCTORS' inappropriate actions may have caused the deaths of at least 12 Sunshine Coast patients, angry whistleblowers have alleged.

A COAST patient was prescribed and allowed to take possession at one time of 900 dexamphetamine...


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