Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Kabbalah Principals references for Rosaleen Norton

  • By studying Rosaleen Norton we now know she taught many students the Kabbalah,

  • The Jewish Kabbalah as I have written but it is positions within the underworld which are exposed by the 
  • alleged Kabbalah that is important.
  • Heart is position 6 and the brothel is Unit 6 for co-incidence.
  • Position 10 is also a X for the Malkuth, yet it can be the Moloch that is located at the Hooked X Map.
  • The Deus, the God as this symbol of systems is 10 for the bottom of the Kabbalah as the King's position.
  • We look at the Crown, many will think this is the King.  Within the underworld it is the alleged drug runner the bottom feeder as it is called in the business.  Many called Mouse in my books the bottom feeder.
  • I will keep going to expose this system as the drug network do alleged murders to a pattern which needs to be exposed for the drug network to operate today.
  • the Witch of Kings Cross - Nevill Drury
    by Nevill Drury Back to Articles. Before Z Budapest and Starhawk, before Margot Adler and Janet Farrar, there was Rosaleen Norton… Most people knew ...
    Missing: kabbalah
  • Kings Cross witch and artist Rosaleen Norton could be ...
    Aug 28, 2014 - STRANGER than any fiction, Rosaleen Norton's life story had sex, magic and mystery in spades.
    Missing: kabbalah
    Items 188 - 193 - Rosaleen Norton describe their shared interest in sex magic and paganism and .... represent the ... active and passive principles in Nature and the Male and ...... Qlipha or negative forces of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. 250.
  • [PDF]rosaleen norton's contribution to the western esoteric - Nova
    Appendix A: Transcript of the interview between Rosaleen Norton and. L.J. Murphy .....tradition which, by common consensus, include the Jewish Kabbalah, the.
    Missing: principles
  • Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism
    Henrik Bogdan, ‎Martin P. Starr - 2012 - ‎Body, Mind & Spirit
    Reflections on Crowley Rosaleen Norton felt that her strong attachment to the ... which although expressed strangely was a motivating principle of his inner self i.e. ... viewed them simply as archetypes to be tabulated in some kabbalistic ledger  .
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