Thursday, 2 April 2015

James E. Files said the Mercury on the skull of JFK will expose

Richard Hooke now, concerning the final shot, I really think someone on a radio(walkie-talkie) called that shot - so Roscoe & Sturgis could hear and fire concurrently. I don't think it was like Files said - where he fired when he felt like it...someone called it...maybe Files delivered the weapon and was on a walkie-talkie (supplied by Roselli) and maybe Files called the final shots that White & Sturgis made AT ONCE...just speculation...a possibility...

James E. Files said where he fired when he felt like it....someone called it...  

I expose the alleged timing was to the Umbrella man. As James E. Files has confessed the only way for this confession to be proved is the skull of JFK and the mercury residue will expose. Yet as I allege in 1967 the skull of JFK was removed and brought to Australia for the Skull and Bones or I call them the Skull and Crossbones for the pirates they are who collect with the Nazi flag on the logo of the Outlaw Gang, from 1920 known as the Original Gang yet on the Nomads logo the Nazi symbol is seen on the hat. The hat is the key as this gang has gathered for the black magicK I declare of power and force under Aleister Crowley and Rothschild Golden Dawn which is one of the 5 steps above the O.T.O which was formed back sometime as a mirror image to the Freemason;s and linked by my history through Frank Bennett Occult to Grand Lodge No. 2 South Africa for this hidden power. For the alleged collection of money where the money was going to be stopped if USA withdrew from Vietnam and it linked to the money where JFK signed the Executive Order 111110 which is still active by some accounts. The skull I allege and believe is in Kings Cross where this gang has collected the skulls they wish when the premises is searched to be called the most dangerous gang in the world. It links like the Freemason's to mirror imaging and Eabona.... ANO as the outlaw gang and BAE as the controller today and has been since the formation of the company Eabona Pty Ltd in Kings Cross which related to number 77 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross and where the King of the Cross has stood out the front of for ages as this gang has gathered power by the manipulation of the secret societies that allegedly link to the government structure that has protected them.

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    Nov 21, 2014 - James Files says in the new documentary I killed JFK that he is ...once again to say that he is the man who killed President John F. Kennedy. ..... and her twin Khadijah to get their own spin-off show Dash Dolls on E! vin diesel  ...
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    The purpose of this writing is to compare the confession of James EFiles to a majority.... he says no not him, we're going to do John F. Kennedy, the president.
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    E-mail Us JFK-Forum Facebook Group List of rest of pages: ARRB 94. Cast ... Hestates that he bit the shell casing after firing the shot and left it on the on the ... Thepresident's limousine had almost come to a stop and the press bus had to .... James Files says he left the shell casing from the bullet that he fired at John F.

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    Files has stated that he was born in Alabama, moved to California with his familty ...History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, has characterized Files as... Kroth described Files as "surprisingly credible" and said his story "is the most ...James Files' confession made to Robert G. Vernon (22nd March, 1994)  ..
  • James E. Files was first known to be at the assassination after I allege he knew the secret was held within the skull of John F. Kennedy and by the alleged mob the skull was going to be removed.  This is how the body of JFK I allege has not been exumed for further forensic tests because the secret society are aware of what has happened.

    1. The Files "Confession" - A Video Review

      The firing squad was sent well-trained to Dealey Plaza for one purpose. That was the ...First of all Sam Giancana, secondly John Roselli, thirdly Charles Nicoletti. These men... The tip led West to Joliet and a prisoner named James EFiles.
    2. The skull I allege was brought to Australia for the ruling body of the Skull and Crossbones for these pirates who work today for the alleged underworld.  The Golden Scorpion doesn't care about Police raids, or the importing of the drugs it is the money when it's banked that is the blood within his veins.
    3. When the Police ask for the Police search warrant on bank details, will they never find the information when this gang is the hidden power of the alleged banking industry around the world today.

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