Sunday, 5 April 2015

Jesus was persecuted because he revealed Kabbalah to the public.

“If the Lord had not been crucified, the destiny of the Western world would have been another. We would now have sublime enlightened rabbis everywhere, preaching Christic esotericism. The union of Christic esotericism, secret Jewish Kabbalah, and holy alchemy would have completely illuminated and transformed the entire world. Yes, the mysteries of Levi would have shone with the light of Christ. Gnosis (Da’ath) would have magnificently shone everywhere.” - Samael Aun Weor

Jesus was persecuted because he revealed Kabbalah to the public.

The Kabbalah was what Rosaleen Norton taught in Kings Cross at the position of the Hooked X Map yet no one noticed.  

This is how I link the drug network has been setup with 5 steps where the secret societies are hidden and protected through this wall of silence yet one after another came out to protect the brothel and the position I was exposing to the Police that needed to be searched.

Nostradamus Economic Collapse Prophecy - YouTube
Aug 24, 2010 - Uploaded by Paeradolia
C7. Q32 1568. [1557] Du mont Royal naistra d'vne casane, Qui caue ... Now after 500 years, as he predictedNostradamus sets out a clear and  

Nostradamus exposes the hidden power of the Anti-Christ yet where they hide is in the open and in control.

We have the Police hunting them day and night yet what wins I allege is the corruption, the blind eye that has allowed this gang, the One Nation Notorious gang from the 1800's I expose to the world through The Kings Cross Sting.

I go through the history of Abe Saffron a jewish man yet when you talk to the Jewish community today he is not in the Jewish Museum in Sydney for a reason Im told.

I hope you pray like I do with Juanita Nielsen for the HELL in Kings Cross as written Revelations for the Beast 666 be exposed.
The dead will resurrect
“Not far from the age of the millennium, when there is no more room in Hell, the buried dead shall come out of their graves,” Nostradamus once also warned his readers. This chilling prediction is in keeping with prophecies found in the Book of Revelation.
As I pray this Easter Sunday night at the going down of the Sun I think of Private Francis 1100 Buglar as we await the Horn to blow for the crypt to open as the souls come out and released, as the Bible spoke about the bones will be laid out in the Sun, I am sure Darlinghurst Road will be closed for some time as the Forensics will be intense and as I have offered to the authorities I will research to help them expose this gang for the duty I was born to do as the Ruby Tablet exposes the Prophect Elijah will come and expose yet no one will listen.
God bless the most precious souls in the world that are caught in the heart of the X.
When an injustice happens in the world, the spirits help you remember the number to call 2, 2 double 2 for Timbucktu for protection.  222 Chapter is about to be exposed to the world.
The Kings Cross Sting has been in talks for the most amazing story based upon the Bible to expose the hidden Moloch held by the Anti-Christ to rule the underworld we expose.
Thank you Juanita Nielsen as you will be come the most famous Editor in the world. xxx

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