Friday, 3 April 2015

Stations of the X will unmask the mystery of Jesus Christ

As my Mother told me it was just a good book the Bible. This is the longest unsolved murder in history. Setup, then Corrupt Judge, we have the Jury? How many believe the Bible is just a story? When the bones are recovered from the Pit of Death, located at the Hooked X Map we will also start to see the vail of secrecy that has existed start to lift. It is the 13th Bloodline that has existed in the world which knows the true story. Over the easter period we pay homage, yet his bones are located in the Great Cow as Nostradamus spoke about in history. We have the links to his prophecies that the time is coming for all his prophecies to end when the Great Cow is exposed.
The Great Cow is linked in the Bible to Moloch worshipping that I write about in The Kings Cross Sting.The hidden power that was around in 33AD I allege is still around today. Stations of the X is a link to finding the Hooked X map.
The line is the 13th Bloodline always related to the Rose line. Yet was this the tale they added for the DaVinci code? Or did Leonardo da Vinci know about this gang as the mythology of the Holy Grail exposes where it lays their will be found Masters surrounding and he painted the Mona Lisa with the background linking to a Castle all for a reason as I expose the cryptic puzzle of the underworld.
I hope one day the DNA will be exposed and I would love to know does mine match? My family tree was so important to my grandmother to have correct when others had put up links to dead ends all for a reason I thought. To be told about a cup that travelled from Courtney Ireland to Australia in the lat 1800's where the destination I think was to the Hooked X map from 1860 in history of Kings Cross. X marks the spot as I searched the history of the Holy Grail as the stories flooded back that had gone down in generation to me to pass to my children.
They believe in the Bible, yet religion is different and I believe the Bible is a legacy to the 13th bloodline to warn others of this gang that controls our world today.
WHERE THE BONES REMAIN... will be exposed.
The Passion of the Christ focuses on the last twelve hours of Jesus of Nazareth's life. The film begins in the Garden of Olives where Jesus has gone to pray after the Last Supper. Jesus must resist the temptations of Satan. Betrayed by Judas Iscariot, Jesus...

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