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Alleged contract killing for Juanita Nielsen, Donald Mackay....the list continues

The call for Juanita Nielsen to be allegedly a contract killing the word came from a big boy.

We are investigating.

Juanita Nielsen went missing 4 July 1975.

Robert Askin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sir Robert William Askin GCMG, (4 April 1907 – 9 September 1981) was an Australian politician and the 32nd Premier of New South Wales from 1965 to 1975,  ...

Period of Askin-Cutler Ministry No.67 3.12.1973 - 3.1.1975

Askin was a link to the brothels, to Perc Galea and Nugan-Hand Bank which moved to 55 Macquaire Street  Sydney.

Nugan Hand Bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nugan Hand Bank was an Australian merchant bank that collapsed in 1980 in sensational circumstances amid rumours of involvement by the Central ...
Francis John Nugan (1942-1980), lawyer and merchant banker, was born on 30 ... In 1973 they set up a merchant bankNugan Hand Ltd, with a nominal  ...

Frank Nugan was found shot dead, and Michael J. Hand ran from the Royal Commission after taking the stand.

Michael J. Hand could still be alive, the rest are dead.

Evan Whitton: Can of Worms II - Some Faces in the Crowd
In 1975 Saffron's movements were monitored by the FBI, Scotland Yard, and crime ... In the 1981 Police Tribunal inquiry into Deputy Commissioner Bill Allen.

Yet they never checked the subfloor compartment in the old infamous Pink Pussycat at 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.

Abe Saffron died in 2006.

Ken Moroney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kennneth Edward Moroney AO APM (born 18 August 1946) was the Commissioner of the New South Wales Police Force in New South Wales, Australia from 
Ken Moroney is still alive..

  1. Kings Cross Police further investigation - Corruption Exposed
    Sep 25, 2014 - Regarding Ken Moroney Police Commissioner's thoughts. The link to Police ... 1983 Sargeant Moroney reported to the Juanita Nielsen inquiry.
  2. In July 1975, Mackay prepared a dossier to be sent to the NSW [New South Wales] attorney general, Mr. Maddison, accusing Robert Trimbole of being the outlet for the drugs in Sydney, and mentioning that he had “been warned not to report this to the local constabulary.” (p.24)
  3. The Nugan Group, it is important to emphasize, was intimately connected to the Mackay story as they “operated a major 5-acre factory complex in Griffith,” and in 1977 “an independent audit turned up secret accounts in the group’s books in the names of local pot growers with the cheques for thousands of dollars made out to member of the Trimboli and Sergi families.” 
  4. The secret accounts would have given him the clue that led to the man with the mansion in Vaucluse.
  5. The Mansion in Vaucluse I had a link to a guy Mr Zonk?  Something like that......

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