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NAB (National Australia Bank)- Dr Barry Landa Case

NAB's Perpetual Mess Needs Cleaning Up.

Dr Barry Landa has been horribly abused by NAB and its subsidiary Perpetual Trustees. A loan was processed for him but he never received the funds. The bankers pursued him anyway .... and the law helped the banks - not the victim. Ten years of his life damaged and ripped off millions of dollars. The story is a nightmare that could happen to anybody. If our Senators were serious about bank crimes they would see to it that Dr Landa was fully compensated. Below is Dr Landa's recent letter to Matthew Pike, the Kemp Strang lawyer protecting the bank's interests (many prominent politicians have also been sent a copy). Mr Pike and the bank are refusing to give Mr Landa the title deeds to his property unless he signs a gag order - even though the mortgage has been paid out. Dr Landa refuses to sign so that you can hear about NAB and how it does business. Many NAB victims have been manipulated into settling for a fraction of what they are owed and then forced to sign confidentiality agreements. That's why many stories are kept hidden. If we want reform we must speak out and spread the word. BRN salutes Dr Barry Landa.

NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn could begin to make this injustice right by paying Dr Landa $4 Million by close of business May 30th. Then Mr Thorburn could also issue a public apology and work out a package to put Dr Landa back into the position he would have enjoyed had the fraud never occurred. This would include compensation for pain and suffering. That is real justice and that is what Bank Reform Now is fighting for.

Folks we need your help - tell NAB and our politicians that you are sick of the rip offs. We want action and we want it quick.

Pollies can be contacted here -

NAB can be contacted via Facebook, Twitter [ ] and of course ...... newspaper letters, forums and blogs. This really is important - please help .... we need to hone activist skills for the battle ahead. If we want genuine bank reform we gotta practice flexing some muscle and making some noise. Join in - it feels real good fighting for justice. Read Barry's story below - it really is an eye opener on the dark side of NAB.

Dear Mr. Mathew Pike,

As you have been informed by Mr. Thomas Bray I am acting for myself.

I of course am not a lawyer, and I am not pretending to be one. I am a doctor, and my letter does not pretend to be in legal speak but in laymen's language.

As a 72 year old retired doctor, who has given much to society, and medical charity for many years, I am writing this because the history of my case has illustrated to me nothing less than a distortion of legal process for profit by you and Kemp Strang as well as your clients PTVAL and the now NAB which has taken over the Deeds of our family home.

I find this behaviour unconscionable and nothing less than disgusting, for the following reasons. Knowing well that you prevailed in two courts by distortion of the truth and the use of forged statements prepared by a jailed criminal mortgage broker of your client who paid his fees for his profession as a mortgage broker for them, directly or indirectly (that is Mr Cincotta the criminal).

I never paid Cincotta the mortgage broker of PTV, ANY fees.

As well as attempting to use this criminal in court for a perceived fee to distort the truth on my repayments of the mortgages, which were also stolen by this broker ($750,000) of an original total of $1.65m in fraudulent mortgages, I never received any benefit. I received a letter from PTA board member, Jennifer Hawkins, apologising to me and acknowledging the fact I never received the mortgage funds. And to think you and your large institutional client knew this is despicable to say the least.

I do not seek privilege. A copy of my correspondence will be forwarded to The Senate Committee on Finance, my local member of Parliament and the public bodies whose memberships are in the thousands dealing with banking fraud as I feel this is of public importance.

So in saying this, I want the return of my home deeds immediately, via registered post, for the following reasons:

1. There is NOTHING in the mortgage documents on my home that says I require to sign ANY deed of release or such like documents once I have fully paid the mortgage, which I have done, with a $3m penalty and costs.

This IS NOT IN THE MORTGAGE document I signed anywhere. What IS IN it is that once the mortgage is paid the Deed is to be released to the owner. I have paid this mortgage plus over $3million in supposed costs and penalty interest of 11% (a mortgage of $1m stolen via the broker)

2. Thus you and the NAB have NO right NOT to return my family home deed immediately.

3.  You are holding the deed ILLEGALLY.

4. I have rights under law and in a democracy to inform of this illegality in behaviour of your client/s to inform the community at large and I intend to do so.

How dare you attempt to silence me by blackmail - "You won't get your deeds back unless you sign some form of release."

5. You client has put me and my family through much stress and cost and you continue to attempt to do so.

6. I find this behaviour of abuse and bullying by a large legal firm and financial institution as nothing less than disgusting, and immoral.

7. You and your client have basically stolen by abuse of the law over $4 million from my family, and are still wanting to steal more by not returning the deeds of our family home.

8. I will tell you the LAW your clients broke that has caused this saga to occur. THIS IS IT!

9. Your client had known that:

    a) The Mrs Cincotta account with PTAL, that my mortgage monies were stolen, was a fraudulent account opened by Mr. Cincotta not known to Mrs Cincotta  (Slattery J NSW Supreme court in Landa V Mrs Cincotta nee Belle) so he could steal clients mortgage funds and thus operate the Ponzi scheme.

YOUR CLIENT KNEW THIS. Chief Justice French even stated this before Bret Walker SC in the High Court.

     b) Your client knew they broke THE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS REPORTING ACT OF 1988 as they knew that this account (Mrs Cincotta's, CMA) was labelled in-house as " Suspect transaction ? Money laundering " account in 2002 as in PTAL in-house lawyer Louise Gyton Affidavit.


THEY BROKE A LAW with a feeble excuse that the next bank the money went to should have know it was laundered money. How disgusting is this, and ILLEGAL.

If they had acted legally and properly, my family and I would not have been put through this costly legal minefield for the last 10+ years except I would imagine Kemp Strang and its counsel benefited hugely as did your clients.

The above of course hidden in the "fog of law" you and you counsel were able to get away with. And you and your client must know this as you raped my family of funds. What a way to achieve "justice!"

And how dare you threaten me with further costs when they are so caused by your actions. I say this is a further attempt at continuous extortion and legal bullying sanctified by your clients.

If you or your client has ANY morals they should admit they broke the law and return my deeds, unconditionally and in fact return all my funds stolen by this very fact, that a large banking organisation BROKE a fundamental law causing distress and suffering to innocent people.

I look forward to the return of my home deeds immediately.

And if your client has any moral fortitude whatsoever return of my funds as admission of them breaking a fundamental law of banking.

This letter will be also posted on Bank Reform Now Facebook  page which has thousands of followers damaged by bank behaviour not unlike mine.

I apologise, for not being a lawyer, but as I and my family which has included two Supreme Court Judges, an Attorney General of NSW,  a NSW Ombudsmen and many members of the legal fraternity QCs and SCs, have experienced fine legal practice as opposed to my experience here.

I am case no. 52 before the Senate Committee.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Barry Landa

NAB Owes Dr Landa - Pay Up ...... NowNAB Owes Dr Landa - Pay Up ...... Now

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  • Jennifer Stone
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  • Bank Reform Now Spread the word folks - we must begin taking serious action when banks behave like this. If you want to see the government put in place a powerful Royal Commission we must take effective action.
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  • Unsung SuecheeTen years Barry at your time of life, was it worth it? The way I see it is that they have taken your home and your money, but that is small change compared to the value of your time. 

    I am in my early sixties and I refuse to let the Bank of Queensland
    ...See More
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    • Bank Reform Now US the time banks steal is a big problem. If people work with the activists it makes it all worthwhile .... and the time needed will be much less. That is why we consistently ask people to share and participate. The activists can't do the job alone. We can put the parasites out of business - and the sooner the better.
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  • Julia Robertson Disgusting! and our politicians continue to turn a blind eye!
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    • Bank Reform Now Julia - the banks and Courts have helped pollies remain willfully ignorant by hiding these cases. Well we're not letting the scandal continue. The pollies know what is going on and we will continue to rub their noses in this mess until they are embarrassed into action ........... or until they are turfed out - whichever comes first.
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  • Wayne Riggall Perpetual also stole my home with the help of a corrupt court system. They even thru out my Affidavit of Truth. That is complete corruption
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    • Bank Reform Now Banks can only get away with their crimes because Courts and governments help them. No More Wayne - the jig is up.
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  • Hope SmithDr Landa, this Matthew Pike of Kemp Strang was heavily involved with FOS in the sale of my mother's home and the tactics used were sickening- Kemp Strang created a false foreclosure inference with bullying tactics and NO due process was used- the basta...See More
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    • Bank Reform Now It is organised crime on a grand scale Hope - and it is only the people that can stop it. Our government has been bought off by the snakes in suits. We have got to realise governments will never do the right thing without the people giving them a very good kick.
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  • Cathlene Martin Barry, so proud to see you stand up to them publicly - they had better buckle up and get ready for the rough ride. We all support what you are doing and helping others along the way!
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  • Wayne Styles These Banking criminals AND their corrupt lawyers need top go to jail. If these immoral, lying bastards don't stop this fraud, then it leaves no alternatives other than to break out the pitchforks.
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  • Adrian Ljubic Completely revolting! I just can't wait to see these crooks jailed for all the pain and suffering they have caused!
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  • Cathlene Martin TONY ABBOTT IF YOU CAN NOT STEP UP TO THE BANKS - THEN STEP DOWN. This country needs a positive leadership team working for them - not against them.
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