Tuesday, 12 May 2015

James Algen- JFK assassination photographs

According to James Algen, he stayed in Dealey Plaza for a short while...Films and photos show him still there at least 10 minutes after the shooting...He then said he ran to the newspaper offices and immediately was telling those what he thought he had,,,A tech took his camera and ran to the developing room and started to process the film,,,Altgens then made his phone calls and he said that sometime around a half hour or so, he was getting them on the wire....It was a coordinated effort by all he stated...So giving a few minutes of shock, looking around to see what he might also photograph, after all he was an AP photographer and reporter, stayed maybe 13 minutes in all, a brisk or run to the newspaper, let's say 5 minutes, 5 minutes telling what he thinks he has, the guy takes the camera...Maybe an hour after the assassination, even say an hour and 15 minutes...That would be 1:45 pm Dallas time....

Steve reports, Even if it was 2:00pm Dallas Time, people were receiving that image within five minutes and printing it at their locations across the country...So, that was 3:05 EST...Still time to look at it and get it to production for the evening paper..
I still remember the kid across the street from me...He was a couple of years older than me, and he was our paper boy...I still remember his bundles coming late for him to deliver, and him talking about the amount of papers that he had to deliver that day...Extra...because of you didn't subscribe to the daily paper, you would have wanted one and bought one from Dan...It was late because they waited for AP wire info to see what they could add to that days paper..That's why there was a section of photos from Dallas that day including Altgens 6 and 7.,.

Jim reported Altgens also said the tree was in his way to see the whole building..meaning so was the target because Altgens was in front of the target and farther from the tree. Than he said he went across the street and asked a cop why they would not let him take photos from the bridge and then he saw the “colored" Workers looking out of the 5th floor windows at the east end of the building. This is important because the workers testified that right after the shots they ran to the West end to see what happened. That was probably to block the next logical Question since the floors were being laid with new wood... no body asked them if they heard footsteps above them since according to the Lone nut theory if it was Oswald who was in a hurry and he had on regular shoes and footsteps would have been heard if the shots knocked down plaster from the ceiling. So if Altgens is Correct the Workers lied to implicate Oswald. Also officer Roger Craig saw the shells lined up in a row about a couple inches apart. That would coincide with the front of "a test that went bad” That Two NASA agents on Sunday told me Hoover told them. Think about this: nobody asks what is Plan B if Oswald had lived? There was a lot of testing goin on at the time and more patsies being set up like me in Houston and Phil Ochs who was in Dallas as a "security observer” from his point of view but as another patsy if needed (plan B) "a conspiracy of the left". Here is my Buddy Air force ROTC Phil Ochs who by the way was really working with FPCC in NYC known to VT Lee.

Ralph found:  eye witness said: Roy Schaeffer, who was the photo-processor at the Dayton Daily News in Ohio. He took the Altgens6 photo off the wire, and he said it happened at 7 AM on the 23rd.

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