Friday, 8 May 2015

Dawood Ibrahim address as per an United Nations list in Pakistan

Dawood Ibrahim address in Pakistan
As per an United Nations list, there are four addresses in his name in Pakistan.
Dawood’s four addresses as mentioned by the UN list is as follows:
- White House, Near Saudi Mosque, Clifton in Karachi.
- House No. 37, 30th Street, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.
- Palatial Bungalow in the hilly area of Noorabad in Karachi.
- Property at Margalla Road, F 6\2, Street No. 22, House No. 29, Karachi.
He is also said to have 16 aliases and reportedly has 14 passports, issued in Bombay (Mumbai), Dubai (UAE), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and Rawalpindi and Karachi (Pakistan).
Moreover, Interpol gives credence to Dawood’s addresses as enlisted in the UN list while issuing global alert against him.

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