Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bank of Queensland Problem Michael Sanderson

Court Alert: A friend of ours - Michael Sanderson - is battling Bank of Queensland. The bank has stolen his farm. His special request to you is below. If you are near Brisbane and can help please do. Lawyers and Judges don't like the public to see how they chew up and spit out bank victims. If some of you are there at least Michael will get a fair hearing.‪#‎BOQ‬ and the other ‪#‎Banksters‬ need to know they are being watched.
Dear BRN team,
If there are any Bank Reform Now supporters that can attend the Brisbane District Court (415 George Street) I would really appreciate some support. I am looking to get the matter adjourned for an indefinite period while I deal with an appeal and wade through the mountain of documents BOQ have listed in the past two weeks.
The matter along with others is listed for Friday the 22nd of May at 10am and I believe it is luck of the draw as to when it will be heard. The case number is B2801/14 Bank of Queensland V Sanderson. If anyone wants to contact me directly, I can be contacted on just-us@diy.id.au or via Mobile 0429 000 591. I will be driving from Newcastle so will be on the road Thursday the 21st.
What I would really like is an independent journalist to attend that can observe and record matters impartially and independently.
Why are we fighting? A brief outline -
We lost our farm to the Bank of Queensland. Never missed a payment and were able to continue to service the facility under normal terms and conditions. The bank inflated the value of the property to get our business then decided its value halved. Rather than continue to support us resulting in no loss to either side, they decided to sell our property and look like getting 20c in the dollar. They took a life time of work and we now survive on the dole and at over 60 look forward to the old age pension, instead of the retirement we were planning. We are fighting them in the courts as self-funded litigants because we have no money to purchase justice.
Thanks so much for your time hope to see some of you on Friday.

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