Friday, 15 May 2015

Nostradamus, he predicted?

  1. Nostradamus in popular culture - Wikipedia, the free ...
    The prophecies of the 16th century author Nostradamus have become a ..... a book of paintings in the National Library at Rome is The Lost Book of Nostradamus. .... whoever drank from Nostradamus's skull would be given the gift of prophecy.
  2. The introductory sequence had a subtitle 'France 1791' and showed a number of soldiers digging up a grave.
    The narrator spoke; 
    "There was a legend that whoever drank from the skull of Nostradamus would inherit his incredible powers. But for 200 years his grave had remained undisturbed because the legend also said that whoever did so, would immediately die. One night, at the height of the French Revolution, three drunken soldiers set out to test the legend.It was not the skeleton that suddenly sobered the soldiers, but the plaque around its neck, with the date: May 1791, which could only have been placed there at the time of burial in 1566, Nostradamus had predicted, 200 years before, the exact date when his body would be dug up."

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