Sunday, 24 May 2015

JFK assassination 4th bullet

This  position of the 4th bullet is of interest to allegedly the position of James E. Files..
Dallas policeman Buddy Walthers, who had agreed to testify for DA Jim Garrison in New Orleans, was murdered before he could describe the fourth bullet he found that ruled out Oswald as the lone shooter. The bullet was confiscated by FBI Agent Robert Barrett who, despite having been photographed stealing away the bullet, who not admit it was him in the photograph (A FAREWELL TO JUSTICE, by Joan Mellen, page 300)
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  • Richard Hooke FBI Agent Robert Barret takes away the bullet
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  • Damien Green That's a big coincidence he is murdered!!!
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  • Richard Hookethey say Buddy Walthers just couldn't help talking, he flapped his mouth constantly about what he knew concerning the JFK assassination, and it ended up leading to his demise - he definitely saw a fourth bullet, it was not like the patsy Carcano bullets, it's source lined up with the grassy knoll (with JFK in between), and it was on the infield grass, just south of the manhole cover, by a clump of brownish brain and bone material.
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