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Claremont Serial Killer?

The Claremont Murders - Australian Missing Persons Register

Much has been written about the Claremont Murders in Perth, WA. ... There is a $250,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or .

Jan 3, 2015 - MORE than 17 years after Ciara Glennon's body was found in dense bushland 45km north of Perth, a local man has come forward with ...

  1. Australian Serial Killer caught : Antisocial Personality Disorder ...

    Oct 7, 2012 - 10 posts - ‎5 authors
    Adrien Ernest Bayley who killed Jill Meagher in Brunswick on her way ... and was living there during the time of the Claremont Serial Killings.
  2. Australian Story - He Who Waits - ABC

    Feb 9, 2004 - DAVID CAPORN – HEAD MACRO TASK FORCE: I think one of the very ... There HAVE been other murders - just not any more in Claremont.
  3. Debi Marshall reports: Murdered girls' dads condemn new ...

    May 24, 2007 - They said the fathers of two Claremont serial killer victims have ... task force head, Assistant Commissioner David Caporn, had “tunnel vision” .


    Dec 10, 2012 - prostitute has told police that Perth woman Sarah McMahon, who went missing from Claremont more than a decade ago, was murdered, ...

  5.  All three girls were abducted at intersections on the Stirling Highway

    Spiers @ Stirling Road and Stirling Highway
    Glennon @ Bayview and Stirling Highway
    Rimmer @ Loche Street and Stirling Highway 
  6. This is quick.  So watching down the street waiting?  Spiers taxi took 2 mintutes to arrive after she made the call,
  7. The Australian a few years back, the bodies of Glennon and Rimmer were found 40km from Claremont but in the exact opposite direction. This guy says exact. Like when you get the coordinates it’s 180 degrees a part. Could this be more than a coincidence? I read another comments section this morning where a guy claims Spiers’ body would be “east of Parkerville Auditorium”. My rough calculation tells me that’s 40km from Claremont and 90 degrees to the other two sites. Is it possible Julie Cutler was a victim? Is Cottesloe Groyne 90 degrees from the found sites as well?
  8. One body is missing.  The clue is the DNA.
  9. "They said Peter Weygers had kept newspaper clippings of the serial killings and had refused to voluntarily give DNA," he said. 

    Peter Weygers was Claremont mayor at the time and he and the council made many public statements on the abductions of the three women in 1996 and 1997.
  10. Peter Weygers was also an active campaigner against CCTV being installed in Claremont under the guise of his crusade for civil liberties. It's worth noting that no further murders have been attributed to the CSK since the installation of cameras, and also since the DNA database was created
  11. Has a serial killer blogged here? -

    Someone put a cats head in Weygers letterbox after one of the CSK
  12. Ross drove Spiers to the Windsor Hotel in South Perth. Even though the man had wanted to go to the city, he got out with Spiers and paid the fare. 
  13. I calculate as crow flies approx 47km from Bayview Tce to Eglington and about 35km to Wellard. Pipidinny Rd where Glennon was dumped is quite long and it's very possible the 180 degrees thing works.
  14. I will reveal my reasons for asking the eye colour of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon. Sarah Spiers, Sarah McMahon and Julie Cutler were all blondes with GREEN eyes. Is there a connection? Quite a coincidence at any rate. 
  15. the bodies were placed very deliberately. For instance Jane Rimmer was found under a tree next to a running stream. If she had been dumped in the water she may not have been found for a long time plus the water would have guaranteed any DNA was removed. The same with Ciara Glennon. Her body was found amongst a patch of Grass Trees. The killer had to walk through thigh high Wild Thistle shrubs for a distance of 80 metres from where his car was parked. Why not just dump her next to the road like Jane Rimmer? Because the locations would not match up. Jane Rimmer was dumped at compass point 167 degrees. Ciara was dumped at compass point 347 degrees. See the connection? They were exactly 180 degrees to each other. Allowing for earth curvature the distance between them was 80 kilometres. So who ever killed them was not a tourist. These positions were calculated by a very smart person with a good knowledge of Perth. Also it is wrong to say that the girls were found near the freeway. In both cases the freeway route was only in the proposal stage at the times of the murders. In fact Ciara Glennon was found 30 kilometres from the end of the existing freeway. Yes the population was sparse but not many killers like to be seen dumping bodies in the metropolitan area. Another curious thing about the locations of the murdered girls. The line between them also runs straight through Bayview Tce in Claremont. For our foreign correspondents, that is the street all of the girls were walking down till they were abducted.
  16. This killer is articulate, intelligent   or following a pattern that was redetermined to be played out.
  17. Sarah Spiers especially her eye colour of Green.
  18. Ciara Glennon was found at South 31 degrees 34 minutes 956 seconds by East 115 degrees 40 minutes 40 seconds. 
    Jane Rimmer was found at South 32 degrees 16 minutes 353 seconds by East 115 degrees 51 minutes 553 seconds.
    You are correct that Woolcoot Rd was gravel when Jane was dumped. Ciara was found 60 metres off Pipidinny Road and 800 metres from where the road bends near Lacey Rd.
  19. Scenario 1.
  20. Let’s start with Sarah Spiers. She was last seen on Stirling Rd waiting for a taxi. She disappeared quickly
    Jane Rimmer Last seen walking down St Quebtin Ave in front of Club Bayview.
    Ciara Glennon last seen standing outside shops in Stirling Highway opposite McDonalds store.
    All three of these victims were last seen standing and they could all be seen from the first floor windows of.............The BC Body Club health club. It is possible all three were members of this health club. Someone inside looks out the window and sees each victim standing. He knows there names because they are all members. And he already knows their eyecolour from seeing them. They may well have known him, since they all simply got into his car without a fight.  
    A few years later he closes the club. It remains vacant for a few years until one night it is torched by persons unknown. If there was any evidence there it’s well gone now.
  21. Interesting?  Eyecolour the same?  Green?  A frog is green??
  23. My understanding is Weygers didn't have an alibi for 2 but had a rock solid alibi for one of them. He was single so no alibi isn't unusual but apparently during one of them he had his picture taken at an official event.

    * still needs to be questioned because what event goes until 2am?

    Allegedly Weygers and Ross coincidence to the case where a girl claimed she caught a taxi and whilst driving along Princess Rd someone in the back of the taxi tried to grab her. She thought she and the driver were the only ones in the taxi.
  24. Weygers's Richardson avenue property is 500m up Stirling Hwy
  25. And here is a case taken out against Weygers for sexually harassing female staff at a school he was working at ""
  26. This article in the Post states that he has a watertight alibi for only one night (page 125).
  27. The article "Macro hauls in taxi man" was published on Jan 1 2005, and is dated as 29 Dec 2004. When it says "Earlier this month, a five-person international review team revealed it had uncovered a new line of inquiry in the Claremont serial killings, based on scientific examination of samples taken from the grave site of murdered 23-year-old Jane Rimmer (POST December 11)" I am almost certain the Dec 11 it's referring to is Dec 11 2004.
  28.  They were disposed of during period of heavy rain in order to wash the DNA off.
  29. Police believe he may have military or police background. This would probably come from evidence of the bodies that is not public.
  30. They write the story first?
  31. This guy Dave Warner went to the media. Probably to sell a book. Didn't come out of it too bad!

    He was mentioned on those Australian newspaper blogs by a couple of people because his book "City of Light" released in 1995 had victims with the same initials as some of the girls, and they deal with police corruption etc. But I've never read any of them to confirm. I guess him being interviewed is a good example maybe of how thorough the police have been in terms of chasing leads?

    "The novel finally saw the light of day in the November of 1995. Chillingly, the fiction of the novel has since been played out in Perth, albeit 20 years later. A serial killer struck in the same area and under similar circumstances to what I wrote in City Of Light. In an even more amazing twist, at one time the head of the police task force into the real killings (unsolved as of May 1998) was Richard Lane, the same name as my detective hero, Richard "Snowy" Lane."
  32.  Use the same distance as from the GPO to Jane Rimmer. If you have a large compass place the point on Kerry Turners location and draw an arc, you’ll see that it runs through the spot where Gerard Ross was found, if you dont have a compass just measure it. Gerard Ross was found approximately where Stakehill Rd joins Baldivis Rd, down a track that runs into the pine plantation, not sure if the pines have been cut down now. If you also draw an arc from his location to where Bayview Tce meets Stirling Hwy (or measure the distance) it is roughly the same as from Bayview Tce to Ciara Glennon. I said roughly because i have an answer for the true workings which i wont part with at the moment. By the way did anyone know that on Stakehill Rd, where the entrance to the track is, written on the bitumen was 
    “ Gerard is here “ . 
  33. re Annette Deverall was great. Applying the location to my map I find that she was found on what I call my “Murder Line” which is the line between CG and LM in Collie. Annette falls onto this line too. So possibly another for the CSK.
  34. No killer, no clues and no inquest into the murder of Gerard ...

    Oct 1, 2013 - After Gerard's death they moved to Queensland before returning home to .... Gerald Ross is yet another victim of the Claremont Serial Killers  .
  35. FORMER Claremont mayor Peter Weygers says he wants a public apology and $10 million ...

  36. Claremont serial killer investigation: Peter Weygers demands apology, $10m compensation
  37. "Aussie Goonie
    6 days ago

    There may be something to this. Apparently these reports have come from the media (and not from mindless Internet speculation, etc). In addition, the police have long focused in on two key suspects, but one has now been ruled out, which leaves our friend Mr wealthy English martial artist who knew two of the victims but lied about it.

    I have no difficulty believing that the police have been watching him very, VERY closely ever since '97.
  38. Now Martial artist and the BC The Body Club?

  39. Where the Bones Remain will I believe have some clues.  We are just awaiting the Police search warrant to expose more.

  40. Million-dollar man 'paid to do nothing' | The Australian
    Jun 4, 2013 - EACH day for the past nine years, Peter Weygers has had a job to go to but he struggles to say what it is.

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