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Ben Needham missing 24 July 1991 from Greek Island KOS.

Ben Needham missing.

Ben Needham went missing from Grandmothers house, this is the same scenario as William Tyrrell.

Meteor showers happening.
This is the list that co-incides to 24 July.
North Delta Aquariids15 Jul – 25 Aug26 Jul230424
Piscis Austrinids15 Jul – 10 Aug27 Jul23−30355faint
Southern Delta Aquariids12 Jul – 23 Aug29 Jul23−164116faint
Beta Cassiopeids3 Jul – 19 Aug29 Jul24595210
Alpha Capricornids3 Jul – 5 Aug29 Jul20−10235bright
Eta Eridanids3 Aug – 14 Aug9 Aug3−13656
Perseids17 Jul – 24 Aug12 Aug3+5859100bright

Disappearance of Ben Needham - Wikipedia, the free ...
Ben Needham (born 29 October 1989 in Sheffield) disappeared on 24 July 1991 at the age of 21 months from the Greek island of Kos. Despite numerous ...

Police thought it was the family, which delayed telling Airports and Ports about the Missing boy.

Co-incidence Rothschild name is a Link to the Island KOS.
  1. Greece Virtual Jewish History Tour | Jewish Virtual Library
    Jump to The Greek Islands - In memory of the 1,604 Jews of Rhodes and Kosmurdered in the Nazi ... of Jewish and Israeli tourists frequent the island which is underGreek rule. ... is the donor's name, the Baron Edmond de Rothschild.
  2. This is an area where a large amount of private yachts could travel near.
  3. Now, we know the grandmother's house was a farm.
  4. They dug the area back in this report looking for Ben but no evidence was found.
  5. His dad Simon Ward and mum Kerry Needham were hoping to move to the island to create a new life away from their home town of Sheffield.
  6. Parents separated about 1994 

    BBC News | UK | Boy is not Ben, say Greek parents
    Nov 13, 1998 - ... that the blond-haired boy thought by a tourist to be Ben Needham is... Kerry, who separated from Ben's father Simon Ward four years ago
  7. Knights Templar link
  8. Kos Sights & Attractions - Greek Islands Postcards › Kos
    Kos sights attractions and things to see on Cos from Greek Islands Postcards. ... The castle was built by the Knights Templar in the 14th century along with  ..Known also as Knights of the Sword- to Kos Greece.

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