Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Unsolved Gay Murders

The unsolved Gay murders.

The Sexual Rituals I write about, within the Knights they move.  They will have a drug runner working for them because that works around Oxford Street.

We had the Lodge 44 in the day of Abe Saffron, allegedly Terry Floyd, and others will come to light.

Michael Laut spoke about the gay unsolved murders and how the pattern to protect was noted.

Roger Rogerson was Darlinghurst Police, so were others.  The Prima Facia of the crime is where they go.

Within the Cocaine movement around Woolloomooloo the man who is old, has fine things and walks with a walking stick?  It seems to relate in a  bit.

Stephen Neville Jelfs, lived at Paddington, had a Florist/shop at Edgecliffe now in 1978 I think the flowers moving in this area would be of interest as a co-incidence to this protected cocaine network today as they tell me in Woolloomooloo.

By creating the wall of silence they created the game the murder.

Knights they call themselves to game of chess as they move in the black of night for the Black MagicK they weaved through Kings Cross

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