Friday, 8 May 2015

Anonymous told us about MH370 but did anyone listen?

Anonymous says:
nodisinfo site has a different view.
The girlfriend is a Mossad agent.
According to research by investigators on this site Bajc is not dating the non-existent Phillip Wood, as is clear from the phony images. If they were a real couple, what would be the purpose of photoshopping the images? He exists only as a pseudonym and/or alias, a complete fake on-hire for financial gain.
Rather than the girlfriend of the man pictured in the images Sarah is married to Stephen Bajc. Both have numerous aliases, along with multiple residences in both the US and China. They both have what appear to be high-level leadership roles with Israeli- and Zionist-controlled companies. These companies are involved with the transfer advanced technology to China and the Israeli entity.
The two moles are listed as operating through multiple jobs and tiles not only in China but also in the Atlanta area. Their children are named Noah, Ryan, and Madison.
The Bajc’s are hard-core Mossad agents, associated with the most rabid, extremist Zionists known, the Chabad Lubavitchers. They operate as Zionist spies for purposes of undermining the sovereignty of the United States, while maintaining the power-base of that wretched, Satanic entity, the Israeli regime. Their role as Mossad moles is clearly demonstrated by the fact that, simultaneously, they hold a diversity of jobs, titles, and residencies. Sarah also goes by Sarah Jane Hamil, Jane Hamil, along with less identifiable aliases, Bajczoller, Zoller, Bajac, and Bajec.
Stephen is chief financial officer at certain of the shell companies, along with administrative technology chief of various Israel/Chinese firms. A Financial officer at Western Beijing University, his wife is listed as a teacher there. His wife teaches there. It is believed, too, that she is an Israeli operative for selling stolen/Israeli technology to China. Yet, one issue is certain: she is not the girlfriend of Phillip Wood, as demonstrated by the need to fabricate her image into frames.
Both Stephen (Steve) Bajc and Sarah Bajc are Zionist operatives working within China:

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