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Juanita Nielsen the Red coat?

Going over the evidence again,
This last information came from a man said to have known Juanita. He described her as wearing a red leather coat over a tangerine top, dark-coloured slacks and with her hair at shoulder length under a floppy beret. Police were later to release a photograph to comply with this description. 

"Juanita wouldn't stoop to deal with Saffron or his ilk," said Mick Fowler, echoing the disbelief of his fellow resident activists. "She loathed him and all he stood for. If she's gone they cornered her somewhere else, not the Carousel." 

Farrell had taken literally thousands of photographs of Juanita over their five years together and we had to ask why police would go to such lengths – it transpired that the photo was of a model with Juanita's head superimposed -- to release one which could only mislead the public. 

"I picked out that frame myself," Farrell told me. "I didn't notice at the time that it showed her hair down. When it was published I spoke to the police and suggested they change it for one with the hair up. But they said they wouldn't bother, that it wasn't all that important...." 

Within two days of the story breaking I'd visited 20 or so of the likely restaurants where Juanita's lunch appointment might have taken place. She was known at most of them but no, she hadn't been there on the day in question. What was interesting, though, was that the police hadn't been there either. If they're going to follow the obvious trail, I thought, it will be cold by the time they arrive.... 
Police had not followed up about the Restaurants?  Why?  Did they know?

Across the road, from the Carousel Club was the fire exit to the brothel.  Yes, it was known as a Restaurant in it's past.

The lunch appointment put Trigg in the hot seat. He was the only person to know of it. This confirmed the view that it was a fabrication, aimed at diverting attention from the Carousel and elevating the mysterious lunch partner into the prime suspect. 

Shop 6, 34-36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross, NSW 2011 ...

Apr 9, 2015 - SPARKLING CHANDELIERS - LICENSED BROTHEL . Hotel/Leisure Property for Lease. . Shop 6, 34-36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross, .

Sep 26, 2013 - 
Timeline for the Brothel World Famous Sparkling Chandeliers and will need to be read with the excel sheet with the extortion and intimidation ...

Was Juanita Nielsen the reason?
"I was going to a friend's wedding that night," said this vibrant, King's Cross business woman. "When I saw Juanita I was on my way to the dress shop to pick up a shawl to wear that evening. Then I had a noon hairdressing appointment just down the street. 

"I was in the dress shop for only a moment or two and I arrived at the hairdresser's right on time. So there's no doubt in my mind that I saw Juanita only a minute before noon on Friday 4 July." 

Helen said she saw Juanita near the dress shop, waiting for a break in the traffic before crossing the road. 

"For a few seconds I was standing just to her rear, close enough to see her false eye lashes. I didn't speak to her because I didn't feel well or look good.

"Juanita on the other hand was as elegant as usual. But she wasn't wearing the red leather coat the police said she had on when last seen. 

"She wasn't wearing anything tangerine and her hair wasn't shoulder length, as in the police photo. I've never seen her wear it down and I've known her for several years. It was in her usual style and looked as though it had just come out of rollers. 

"She was wearing a dark brown coat with black flecks -- the material is known as boucle -- black slacks and a fur hat. I have often seen the hat and always admired it. After a few seconds the traffic slowed and she crossed the road in front of me. I went into the dress shop and Juanita went on down the hill, in the direction of the Carousel. That's the last time I saw her." 

When Helen read in the following Tuesday papers about Juanita's disappearance she immediately telephoned the police to give them her information. The date was July 8. 

The police made three appointments to see her but broke them all. Two women detectives finally arrived on July 24. And, among other things, they disclosed that Juanita had had an appointment at 12 noon at the Carousel.

We have the link to the Kings Cross Palace as the Backpackers now as we go through the evidence again.

the secret drug wars of the cia - Deep Black Lies

Prominent families of great wealth – often members of secret societies such as Yale's... Indochina, historically under French control was captured by the Japanese .... The former Green Beret Colonel also discovered that he would become a  ..

  1. The Knights Templar
    The Knights Templar began when a group of nine "French" knights came to Jerusalem in ... According to Arkon Daraul in his book A History of Secret Societies, the ..... These crusade veterans were like the Green Berets or Special Forces of the  ...

Among those he told was a visitor, Francis Foy, a former colleague of his who, at Ted's request, relayed to us certain information he'd gathered as insurance. 

The most interesting bit was that Juanita was killed because of what she was about to publish on illegal gambling. 

"She'd already written about prostitution and said she was going to name names in big time gambling," Middleton said. "This is what brought her undone. They took her to the Lido, drugged her, killed her and fed her to the sharks." 

A link to the gambling Establishment was one of the three killers, he said, a heavy-set Yugoslav bouncer at The Palace, a Kings Cross casino. A second man was also a bouncer, at a nearby Saffron-owned strip club.

By what the working girls had told me, the brothel had been utilised for gambling in the history and hidden when the front doors are not open.  But the sharks was not right, as we know the skull is within the hidden crypt in Kings Cross and the rest of her body is under the swimming pool.  It is just time, and we just have to keep picking up the evidence.

The Palace (otherwise the 22 Club), a Kings Cross casino,  Club 22 was also 22 Darlinghurst Road, where allegedly Tom Dominican was linking too?

Juanita was seen with two men from Club 22 I believe they were either walking with her, or she was out cold as the scorpion deaths I noticed they walk to the death.

Crawford now claims that after the meeting Juanita and Eddie Trigg came downstairs, past her booth on the first floor landing of the club. Seconds later, she says, Trigg doubled back and out of Nielsen's sight said: "If anyone asks, sweetheart, we didn't leave together."

Was it Trigg that walked with Juanita across the road?

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