Friday, 1 May 2015

Whistleblowers, what it takes to expose the hidden Pit of Death

“When a would-be whistleblower calls me, I tell them check your bank account, check your mortgage, check your marriage, check your religion, because all of these will be put under a tremendous strain,” explained University of Maryland professor and whistleblower expert Fred Alford. “You’re not just going to blow the whistle and go find another job. It’s going to become your life.”

This statement is  so true, to expose the hidden corruption in the world is following the links, researching day after day with aims in your own life that you want to complete before this gang takes your own life like they did to the one I seek Juanita Nielsen.  I know her skull will be exposed it is just the Police search warrant we seek, the hardest question I have ever asked to get an answer of.

This police search warrant will expose the heart of the Golden Scorpion right in Kings Cross where the X is marked by the Hooked X map.  Just a story, it is a passion, it is a promise I made to a spirit who I knew was caught.  Like so many others that adjoin her in the Pit of death.

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