Friday, 21 November 2014

Alex Greenaway, Sydney Parliament request for Juanita Nielsen to be laid to rest

Alex, we need the Police to search the premises in Kings Cross.  I have exposed too many co-incidences to the premises of the Original infamous (notorious) Pink Pussycat Club in Kings Cross.  I have given evidence where the Police opened the unsolved murder of Juanita Nielsen.  I have had my life threatened time and time again by the thugs where I have gone back out to protect my family and collected significant drug running operations.  What I have noticed is this gang I expose send all the alleged money overseas.  Within the large amounts of frauds happening at the banks, the way ANZ bank has been setup is of interest within the investigation when large amounts of funds seem to move yet as the thugs have told me this pays for the alleged gangs overseas to help move the drugs through the system.  Kings Cross is allegedly the world capital for drugs.  This City has it's own Injecting room right on Darlinghurst Road with allegedly as reported 225 people a day utilising when the alleged drugs per time for most users are $50 to $100 a time this room sees the majority of the money for Kings Cross.   Please read the emails I have sent from to show the significant evidence why this building needs to be searched.  The police tell me one more piece of evidence yet as the foot traffic has gone the alleged drug network is pumping which I see on facebook and the images of working girls within this alleged Notorious gang and to others utilising the vanitites for the snorting of cocaine.  Blockout's haven't stopped this as within the time frames you will fine their will be allegedly a person inside where they know where the alleged stash is......Please allow Juanita Nielsen to be laid to rest, the Police as Detective Inspector Ian MacDonald told me from Kings Cross Police Station that he turns a blind eye to this.  Left hand drugs, right hand this gang does the murders, missing persons, robberies, fraud, extortion and back in 1975 when Juanita Nielsen went missing it was the corruption which stopped her being found just 80 metres from Kings Cross Kings Cross LAC - NSW Police Force  I have written to the authorities, yet within the stronghold subfloor it was missed being searched by the Police Strike Force Constance in 2009 when they found large amounts of heroin, $1million dollars in the wall and a fingerprint from a Jennifer where the alleged control today of the drug network links.

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