Sunday, 9 November 2014

Harry Potter? Ron Creevey? X Studio

They write the script.
The Kings Cross Sting was putting Kings Cross in Sydney on the map.  Exposing the history.
Linking as we went along I noticed the Harry Potter Series and the glasses the thugs wore for protection prior to terrorising me.

Harry Potter and the Emerald Trance Chapter 8 -
Harry quickly grew bored playing poker with Sirius alone, so he invited Ron, Fred and ..... There were the Creevey brothers, from Gryffindor; 

How to hide a system, is to make it popular.  With popularity comes kaos with people following.  Many would say how do they do it?  It is the environment, where they are. Who they connect too.

Ron Creevey's X Studio revives Kings Cross music industry ...
Oct 16, 2014 - The view from the top of William St reminds Ron Creevey of Times Square, New ... there are Gibson guitars in a glass case, ready to be played.

X is the symbol we are all exposing.

  • Do u suspect ron?? - Yahoo Answers

    Jul 21, 2007 - *COLIN CREEVEY DIES ... are u mad or what..i think ron wont join the dark side even if he loses his life...come on its such a beautiful ... If L. Ron Hubbard was alive today, what do you suspect he'd say about Scientology?

  • [PDF]GP V 1965/66 no. 9 - Parliament of Victoria
    upon, and make recommendations concerning Scientology as known, carried on, practised and applied in ..... As the founder of scientology, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was an important figure in the. Inquiry. He did not ...... Creevey (
  • Now the surnames, for the Bloodlines.
  • Bob Mansfield?  X Studio?
  • Then the Mansfield name with John F. Kennedy?
  • The Kennedy Bloodline

    For instance, Sir James Kennedy married Mary, a daughter of King Robert III, and .... Jayne Mansfield was a high priestess of the Church of Satan. ..... Brompton Mixture consists of heroin, cocaine, alcohol, tranquilizers, and chloroform water.

  • Two linked to DEA probe in Mansfield arrested again on ...

    Aug 31, 2011 - Robert Harris, 24, and Arrico Spires, 38, were charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine after a yearlong undercover investigation
  • I will note the alleged heads of state they have collected the skulls for the power.  So what happened to the Packing case coffin that was left in the hallway of Parkland Hospital the day JFK died?  We will discover where it went when the Police search the brothel.

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