Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Where to start when your diagnosed with Cancer

  • We then need to change our whole lifestyle: no processed foods with sugar added or dead factory foods, no alcohol or coffee or soft drinks or supermarket juices, no foods that contain canola, safflower or sunflower oil (use extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and flaxseed oil), no smoking of anything, or using toxic body products (makeup that isn't wholly natural, unnatural deodorants, lotions, moisturizers or creams). She should start having 3 fresh vegetables every day (carrot, beetroot, celery, kale, apple, ginger, parsley for example), eat fresh green salads with avocado and cayenne pepper, take medicinal herbal teas, make vegan smoothies, drink plenty of spring water that has only been stored in bottles that are BPA free, exercise regularly, go to yoga classes, have someone give her lymphatic massage. And adopt (to the best of her ability a raw food vegan lifestyle until she is cancer free. I highly recommend these three inspiring and empowering documentaries:
    Food Matters
    Hungry for Change
    Cancer is Curable Now. These three documentaries will give her the greatest confidence it being cancer free and totally rejuvenated and full of a vibrant love of life. And truly that book is a rare gem. Dr Blaylock was a chief neurosurgeon for 25 years and now he specializes in nutritional medicine. It's worthy.
    And this book:

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