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Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Leigh Bowen

This allegedly links to the investigation into the drug network and underworld crimes by allegedly Abe Saffron.  

On 2nd March 1994 a parcel bomb ripped through the National Crime Authority offices in Adelaide, killing one officer. The explosion killed NCA Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen and seriously wounded lawyer Peter Wallis. One man, Domenic Perre, was charged with murder over the attack but the Director of Public Prosecutions decided against proceeding with the case because of a lack of evidence.  Later, in a 1999 coronial inquest, then coroner Wayne Chivell found that Mr Perre had indeed made and sent the bomb. But neither Mr Perre nor anyone else has ever faced charges over the killing. A $1 million reward has been offered for information leading to a conviction in the case.

Scorpion timing links to the Meteor showers.  This does fit to the Meteor showers.

On 1 July 1999 Mark Steene of The Advertiser reported on Dr Kobus: "The NCA Bombing Inquest - Perre Evidence ‘Contaminated’"
He said one of the few pieces of forensic evidence once linking Domenic Perre to the National Crime Authority bombing resulted from a laboratory contamination, the Coroner’s Court was told yesterday. The evidence, a microscopic piece of primer from a bullet, labelled DP17, was found on a swab from the pants of bombing victim, NCA lawyer Mr Peter Wallis.
It was similar to primer fragments taken from a desk in the home of Perre when police searched the property shortly after the bombing. The March 2, 1994, blast killed NCA Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Bowen and severely injured Mr Wallis. Perre, an avid shooter and firearms enthusiast, used the desk to reload his ammunition.
But yesterday, State Forensic Science Centre director Dr Hilton Kobus said the sample was likely to have been contaminated when evidence from the two locations came into contact with each other. He described the incident as resulting from contamination, error, bad practice or bad luck.
“We never found a primer particle anywhere else,” Dr Kobus said. “Hindsight is a marvellous thing. We recognised earlier on that was a contamination. No particles were found again and that was why we thought the result was so spurious.”

Prepared by Dr Robert N Moles
Dr Kobus said the contamination was likely to have occurred as the minute samples were being prepared for examination under an electron microscope. He said the particles from Perre’s home and from the bombing scene were being coated with carbon, in preparation for the examination at the same time. The particle was believed to be residue from a primer cap used in ammunition to ignite the propellant and fire the bullet. The caps are ignited when struck by the firing pin of the weapon.
In other evidence yesterday, private investigator Mr Frank Carbone was asked how he located more than 120 documents belonging to gunsmith Mr Allan Chamberlain. Mr Chamberlain has also been accused of manufacturing the bomb. Mr Carbone told the court he found the documents at the Prospect gunshop where Mr Chamberlain worked, after the premises had been searched by police on March 7, 1994. When asked shy the documents had not been found by police, Mr Carbone said he did not know.
“I wasn’t present when the police searched on March 7,” he said. The inquest is continuing.
Source: 1 July 1999 - Mark Steene - The Advertiser - "The NCA Bombing Inquest - Perre Evidence ‘Contaminated’"

Abe Saffron - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Abraham Gilbert "AbeSaffron (6 October 1919 – 15 September 2006) was an .... In November 1987, following an extensive investigation by the NCA 

Niece links Saffron to Luna Park deaths - National - smh ... › National
May 26, 2007 - ... 30 years of speculation, a niece of the late Abe Saffron has revealed that ... The NCA's final report noted that a Corporate Affairs Commission 

Allegedly this the connection with the $30 million held in ANZ bank?

Abe Saffron's son angry over will |

Nov 5, 2006 - THE son of Kings Cross bar and strip club supremo Abe Saffron is angry he received just $500000 from his $30 million estate with the bulk set .

Disrupting the business model of crime | Australian Taxation ...

Mar 15, 2012 - "In the very first matter investigated by the NCA, the two agencies (theNCA and ATO) combined to convict Abe Saffron (Australia's Al Capone) .

Allegedly a couple of people I thought of allegedly could be involved where the shots were controlled.
South Australia I researched was how the drugs were coming into Sydney at various times.

[PDF]PDF 6170KB - Parliament of Australia

CHAPTER 2. ANDERSON, SAFFRON AND THE NCA REFERENCE UNDER ..... into the alleged criminal activities of Abraham Gilbert Saffron.

Crime fighter's mystery death - › Home › National News

Apr 27, 2002 - The NCA exposed Barry Moyse, the head of the South Australian ... and jailing Abe Saffron on tax charges, and Leonard Arthur McPherson 

Saffron lumbered | Tasmanian Times

Sep 22, 2014 - Alan Saffron said Abe controlled prostitution in every state except ... This means that the Melbourne cops attached to the NCA have left the TNT

An equal of Lennie McPherson and Abe Saffron, George Freeman was part of ... and state parliaments to place Freeman at the top of the NCA's investigations.

Bayside killing linked to race world, Sydney underworld;...

Mar 1, 2011 - ... brought him into contact with notorious Sydney criminal Abe Saffron. ... some of the $1.2 million, NCA documents revealed that Samba

The Mayne Report - Australians who have sued for defamation

Mar 10, 2009 - ... was heavily involved in Sydney's Luna Park along with Abe Saffron. .... NCA was investigating him shortly before the 1990 federal election

How Abe Saffron controlled so others thought he owned yet this was the King of the Underworld.  They all respected him.

So we are looking for someone in 1999 and we know Dorreen Saffron died that year.
Bill Bayeh was in prison.
  • Letter bomb explodes at Canadian television station | CJFE

    Letter bomb explodes at Canadian television station. 18 June 1999. Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) reports that a letter bomb exploded at ...
  • Letter bomb murder cold case reopened - ABC News ...

    Nov 23, 2006 - Letter bomb murder cold case reopened ... In 1999, the South Australia Coroner found convicted drug dealer Dominic Perre made and sent the ...
  • BBC News | UK | Bodies linked to letter bomb murder

    Sunday, 19 December, 1999, 18:16 GMT Bodies linked to letter bomb murder .... See also: 16 Dec 99 | UK. Plea to catch parcel bomber ...
  • By research 1999 was the mail bombing I noted.
  • Who was really controlling Kings Cross?  The only one the NCA seemed to be allegedly after was Abe Saffron.
  • Abe Saffron would have had a right hand man?  Who? Sam Ibrahim worked at Studio 44 was his first job at Kings Cross.  We have the Bayeh's as the security from Roslyn Street to Bayswater Road.
  • In 1999 Kings Cross was moving, from Abe Saffron control to the new kid on the block.  So what the NCA was looking at would allegedly bring about the down turn in the underworld drug operations.
  • Bikies little threat to society - police study - Financial Review ...;...
    May 7, 2012 - ... the Trademark Hotel, run by the Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim. ... when Mr Ibrahim and an entourage including "Tongan Sam" arrived about ... Police crunched the numbers from January 1, 1999, to December 31, 2008.
  • Gangland Australia - Page 344 - Google Books Result
    James Morton, ‎Susanna Lobez - 2010 - ‎History
    ... chapter, Sam Ibrahim, a Kings Cross nightclub owner like his brother John, said that ... In July 1999 the Rebels clubhouse in Brompton was bombed and three ...
  • Research shows the bombing at the Rebels Clubhouse Brompton.  So we can link that chapter out of the investigations probably.
  • Just a few hours earlier the rented home of high-profile Nomads life member Sam Ibrahim was peppered with bullets – the 11th shooting this week.   
  • This house if it's 52 broughton Street Old Guildford allegedly links to being owned by the company The Hells Angels Ltd or *The Hells Angels Ltd.
  • A link to Bankstown mentioned.
  • Outlaw Bikers in Australia - Google Books Result
    Duncan McNab - 2013 - ‎True Crime
    Sam Ibrahim hadn't been theonly star recruit from theMiddle Eastern communities. ... In 1999, he andhisfather opened a cardetailing business in nearby 
  • The links to the Nomads were surfacing and it sounded allegedly Sam Ibrahim was in charge.
  • So the alleged NCA report hurt the drug network and the way this system works is within cornerstones staying the same.
  • Outlaw Bikers in Australia - Google Books Result
    Duncan McNab - 2013 - ‎True Crime
    Sam Ibrahim hadn't been theonly star recruit from theMiddle Eastern communities. ... In 1999, he andhisfather opened a cardetailing business in nearby 
  • We have links to Letter bombs to Kings Cross
  • Evan Whitton: Can of Worms II - Politics of the Milieu
    ... that he had sent a letter bomb to Kings Cross restaurateur Stephen Novak. ... that Chinese had targeted Australia as a major heroin market from the mid- ...
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  • Man takes his pain to the grave |
    Feb 11, 2008 - Mr Boyd claimed he was having coffee in Kings Cross when an ... But police investigations found no apparent link to the letter bomb incident of ...
  • Gangland Australia - Page 240 - Google Books Result
    James Morton, ‎Susanna Lobez - 2010 - ‎History
    He survived a shooting on 3 April 1985 at Kingsgrove. ... He had been suspected of sending a letter bomb to the Kings Cross restaurateur Stephen Novak.

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