Friday, 7 November 2014

South Australia 51 murder, abduction and missing person

Rewards for 51 murder, abduction and missing person cases

A total of $11 million is available in State Government-funded rewards for 51 unsolved murders, abductions and missing persons cases.
The crimes range from the infamous abduction of the Beaumont children on Australia Day, 1966, to the 2004 murder of Robert Woodland, who was found dead in the South Parklands with massive head injuries.
Most crimes warrant rewards of up to $200,000 but up to $1 million is available to capture the person responsible for the 1994 murder of National Crime Authority detective Geoffrey Bowen.
He died while opening a parcel addressed to him, which exploded. The bomb also critically injured lawyer Peter Wallis, who was also in the office at the time.

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