Wednesday, 26 November 2014

National Bank of Ukraine 5 Million worth of Gold bars stolen October 2014

The Hrabro website reports that the NBU heads are attempting to conceal the fraudulent replacement of gold bullion with painted lead at the National Bank’s Odessa branch According to the website, the bullion was stolen by the NBU’s local expert cashier, Yuriy Nosikovskiy, in October 2014.  "Mr. Nosikovskiy had accomplices with forged Ukrainian passports, who sold him lead at the entrance to the NBU building opposite the Buffalo’99 bar. The stolen bullion is worth over 5 million hryvnias. Investigators believe that this crime is merely a small episode in a large-scale scheme to plunder national gold and currency reserves, covered up by NBU Governor Hontareva," says the publication.  The Primorskiy Directorate of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has initiated criminal proceedings, but pressure is being brought to bear on the investigators to hush up the affair and plug up information leaks. 
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