Tuesday, 11 November 2014

OSWALD Innocent Campaign Judyth Baker breaking news.

Breaking News from Judyth Baker.

I read this, interesting it said by Oswald he was talking to a Judge. Now no one has picked up this, It was reported in Penthouse Magazine. Now we know this gang control the media this report slipped through. Very good report. http://jfk.hood.edu/.../P%20Disk/Penthouse/Item%2012.pdf
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT "THE OSWALD INNOCENCE CAMPAIGN." I HAVE LEFT THIS GROUP, WHICH HAD GREAT POTENTIAL TO EXONERATE LEE, BUT WHICH HAS NOSEDIVED INTO ABSURD THEORIES THAT NOW ACTUALLY IMPLICATE LEE AS EITHER A DO-NOTHING COWARD OR SOMEBODY WHO ACTUALLY HELPED THE KILLERS! RALPH CINQUE (FOUNDER) AND PROMINENT MEMBER RICHARD HOOKE HAVE BEEN DESTRUCTIVE TO THE VERY NAME OF THE GROUP. I DO NOT THINK DR. FETZER IS AWARE OF THE HERETICAL TURN THE GROUP HAS TAKEN. HOOKE HAS DONE EVEN MORE DAMAGE THAN CINQUE (WHO SAYS LEE WAS A COWARD FOR NOT RUNNING OUT INTO THE STREET TO STOP THE ASSASSINATION, WHILE ASSUMING LEE DID 'NOTHING' INSIDE THE TSBD TO TRY TO STOP THE MURDER! HOW DOES HE KNOW THAT?). HOOKE SAYS LEE HELPED THE SHOOTERS ON THE SIXTH FLOOR TO KILL KENNEDY-- AND EVEN MISUSES QUOTES FROM MY BOOK TO 'SUPPORT' HIS THEORY, WHICH IS FULL OF HOLES. HERE IS MY RESPONSE: Richard! There are so many reasons why your theory falls flat on its face. (1) Loy Factor didn't whisper a word about any of this until the same year Mac Wallace died, when many stories appeared in the news concerning Wallace as a killer, with many details. (2) Factor had many opportunities to work in the building, and just because he could describe the interior (which,by the way, was shown in photos all over the place) doesn't mean he was up there on the sixth floor, with a rifle, but CONVENIENTLY, claims he did NOT fire HIS rifle. You state as if fact that the rifle was never fired to support this unlikely statement (what would have happened to a man who was paid $2000 and offered much more, after this took place, when he refused to shoot? think about that!)...The rifle may have been fired, but it was not checked to see if it HAD been fired--quite a different thing from saying it had NOT been fired you cite several witnesses to back up FOUR people on the 6th floor, who ALL said they saw TWO people on the sixth floor, and you offer this as 'proof' for FOUR people on the sixth floor (3) you misuse my statements and quote my personal account of what Lee told me to back up your perfidious theory, which appalls me... Lee would never have cooperated to the extent that you claim, and Victoria Adams and Sandra Stiles, coming down the stairs, establish that Lee Oswald was never on the sixth floor, as he could not have descended ahead of the girls (4) To top everything, Richard, Ralph Cinque in the same group now says Lee Oswald failed to help stop JFK form getting killed because he didn't run into the street waving his hands to stop the assassination, though i have explained that Lee was part of an abort group--an abort team--and had to stay inside the building so the others would believe he would participate in the murder. lee believed he'd be found dead with a rifle in his hands. He was a good shot, but not a world class shot, and besides, he had seen too many faces. (5) You use Loy Factor's claim as 'fact' when he says Lee was with them all day and all night on Thursday night, when Lee was at work and then went to Irving, where he played with children, including neighborhood children, with his own two, and with Ruth Paine's, before going inside, helping to fold clothes and diapers after dinner. He spent the night with Marina, which she explains in detail. Loy Factor made it all up. (PHOTO: GLEN SAMPLE and Mark Collom shown with the man they interviewed who, they say, stated that Lee Oswald, himself, a Hispanic woman named Ruth Ann, and Mac Wallace were involved in a plot to kill Kennedy. Factor says he did not shoot and that Lee helped him by hiding Factor's rifle. Factor, however, had access to much information that year, because Mac Wallace had just died, and newspaper articles and magazine articles showed photos of the TSBD interior, etc. Sample and Collom were impressed because Factor could describe the interior of the TSBD, could describe Wallace, etc. Unexplained is why Factor, who said he was paid $2000 to shoot JFK, wasn't killed later by Wallace when he failed to fire a shot, which is only one part of this absurd story which fails attempts at authentication.
  • Glen Comyford No one knows the truth better than you !!!
  • John Carpenter Judy, please stay safe. Confrontations like this scare me (but, being safe, don't stop fighting for the truth!)
  • Mark Peterson I have asked out also for the same reasons, along with a generally combative tone.
  • Richard Mitchell I told Ralph several months ago that he was doing more to harm the OIC than anyone else could.

    As for Hooke, many of his notions are way too far out there for me.
  • Sunny Paul thanks for the clarification..JVB I did notice some extreme hypothesis emerging..
  • Juliet Seer Pazera Their egos are getting in the way, sadly. I've noticed bickering in other JFK groups. This definitely does not help the cause.
  • Glen Comyford Divide and conquer is their method. Stay on message and to hell with everyone else...
  • Henk-Jan Janssen Judyth, excellent reasoning! But do you think that Lee had absolutely nothing to do with the people on the sixth floor? I tend to believe he was involved there, but also as part of an abort team. I also believe Lee never took a shot. So I mean he was infiltrating the assassination team as an abort mission.
  • John Daley The conjecture and supposition is damaging.
  • Brian Mumford Judyth, I'm glad you left. We don't need those attitudes questioning Lee's "last full measure of devotion." It's inexcusable knowing what we know now.
  • Tanya Oaks-Brooks Even Collum and Sample seemed to doubt that Factor was paid but didn't shoot.
  • John Bjorge Judyth, This infighting is the reason why REAL researchers and other JFK people have left these so called forums. Throwing Lee under the bus for not preventing the assassination is a crock because he did what he was told. That is why I read your posts and others that were witnesses in the assassination. As for researchers, I weed out all that are lone nutters and those that are politically charged. Thank you for having the courage to tell the truth and may the truth win out in the end!
  • Ralph Thomas Why I don't get involved in them anymore as there is always people who come along and throw monkey wrenches. Create confusion seems be be their goal which keeps some in an everlasting state of ignorance.
  • Roger Stone Mac Wallace and Loy Factor are the men on the Sixth floor. LHO is eating lunch when JFK is shot. Mac Wallace is LBJ's hitman. LHO is, as he says, a patsy.
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  • Elizabeth Noreen Newton I was hanging on with them but like you Judyth I have reached the end of my rope with their nasty bickering. I do not for one minute believe Lee had anything to do with the people on the sixth floor and truly was a victim of those murderers.
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  • Marlene Paul Judyth, I haven't read the book yet but the reason why I know your telling the truth is because you are trying to get the truth out about a man you truly loved. Every interview of yours comes straight from your heart, you really care about everyone & you have nothing to gain by telling lies. You are a beautiful person inside & out whose story is always the same because its the truth. Lies are harder to tell because you have to remember each one so you don't slip up but not you my friend. Be safe!
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  • Patrick Oomens About Loy Factor (I never heard of his name)http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKfactor.htm
    Biography of Loy Factor
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  • Patrick Oomens And what is more known about Ruth Ann? Was she first mentioned in that book of Glenn Sample and Mark Collom? It's always dangerous to rely only on witnesses.
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  • Patrick Oomens Wallace or was it Bill Lovelady? (and Loy Factor) probably fled with help of Clay Shaw: http://www.manuscriptservice.com/DPQ/shaw-rambler.htm
    Contrast that with reports in 1963, from Jackson and Clinton, Louisiana, in which "Lee Oswald" was seen...
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  • Steve Morgan When I accidentally met Bobby Hargiss, the Dallas Motorcycle Police Officer who was behind President Kennedy in the motorcade at the time of the shooting; it was Hargiss himself who volunteered that "He knew [Oswald] did not kill [President Kennedy]. He continued "He was shot from the front ... his blood and brains were splattered all over me". He was matter of fact about this; twice he told me that he was closer to the scene of the assassination than anyone else and that "he had seen the whole thing". This was at an oil field location near Old Dime Box, Texas on Sunday, August 16th, 1981. Hargiss had retired from the Dallas Police Department the previous day after 28 years and this was his first day on the job. Apparently he was working for Rising Sun Equipment Rental, because I'd called them to get me a dozer and qualified operator to a location to fix a reserve pit at an exploration location that I discovered was about to bust. I was an Oilfield Company Man and Field Superintendent at the time. Hargiss no sooner assured me that he knew that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill president Kennedy when he began to laugh and describe how Jackie Kennedy had reacted in the filthiest of terms. There was a 73 year old lady standing next to us. When he told me that the assassination of JFK was "the greatest thing he had ever seen" and that "a Catholic had no business in the White House anyway" I had had a belly full of him. I told Mr. Hargiss: "Let me tell you something buddy; I'm a Roman Catholic". Hargiss didn't say another word. He rudely threw what was left of his iced tea on the ground, returned the glass to the elderly lady, snatched the sandwich out of her hand that she had made for him and began to load the dozer. This was at 3PM on Sunday August 16, 1981. I don't know where he went with the dozer but i never saw him or that dozer again and I never received a billing invoice from Rising Sun Equipment Rental for the dispatch. At 2AM the following morning I had to call the late Charles Pearson of Palestine Contractors in Caldwll, TX who had built the pad for me and ask him to hotshot me a dozer and qualified operator immediately, My reserve pit was about to break and it could have polluted Lake Sommerville if it had. I had both in two hours and forty minutes with repairs started. No thanks to Mr Bobby Hargiss and you probably can read between the lines what I thought of him.
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  • Patrick Oomens @Steve Morgan, remarkable story. Why had (or have?) Americans a dislike for Catholics? Is it something only for southern States?
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  • Walter Cairns I don't think Ralph was intimating that LHO was a coward and did nothing to stop the killing. He merely stated that, if Richard H's theory was correct, he could have been accused as such. Two different things altogether.
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