Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Charlotte Dawson? Phuong NGO have in common? equals Gazal

The apartment which Charlotte Dawson was found hung in is owned by a company called Majony Pty Ltd, of which Ghassan Raymond Gazal is listed as a director.
Ghassan Gazal is known as Jason Gazal, a property developer.
Property records show that Majony Pty Ltd bought the apartment for $1.85 million in 2009.
Its current price guide is about $2 million.
The Gazals own many other apartments on the wharf and both John Laws and Russell Crowe own apartments there.

Gazal's cinema project was making headlines for other reasons. It was revealed that Phuong Ngo, the former Fairfield ALP councillor convicted of the murder of the Cabramatta MP John Newman, had lobbied an ALP Liverpool councillor, Alex Sanchez, in support of the development.
Sanchez told the Herald in 1998 that Ngo offered him "fundraising" worth $70,000 in return for his support for the cinemas.
It was also reported that Sanchez, Gazal and Bargshoon had met to discuss the cinema proposal, but the Ngo offer was not raised.
Bargshoon, a member of the ALP Right whose history includes being bashed four years ago after blowing the whistle on branch-stacking in the area, this week was a central player in Gazal's latest battle with Westfield.

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