Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Truth about Money

The Truth about Money  Reporter Lisa
The Reserve Bank of Australia is not an Australian Public Bank. It is an off shore, privately owned Company, with shareholders stemming back to only a few very wealthy families.

 for inflation, the continual introduction of new taxes, schemes, offences and fines and the sale of public assets, which serve the affluence extraction from our island home, through the RBA (and the unlawful ATO), which is the result from this counterfeiting system.

The following presentation has used the American Federal Reserve as the example, but the RBA works in precisely the same manner, with the same shareholders and with the same restrictions in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act as there is in the US Constitution.

Please share with all your family and friends, to enable understanding to why the nation is in the state it's in, why any government will not improve our standard of living, while they allow this counterfeiting system of financial servitude to continue.

They do have the authority afforded in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, to remedy this financial slavery with a stroke of a pen and reopen our Public Bank, print our own money and lend it to the states interest free, but not one of them have done so.

How money is created out of thin air:

It is time the people remembered that we are the authority, they are our servants and demand usury be removed from our lives. - N.J

The Money Masters Truth about Money 

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