Thursday, 20 November 2014

Rodney Adler Kings Cross Payphone?

Payphones?  Outside Brothel 34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Astoria Hotel, Porky's.....

Rodney's hang-ups

By Jeni Porter
December 21 2002

Phone box fan Rodney Adler
We can only guess why Rodney Adler has become a fan of a certain Kings Cross pay phone.
Adler, who this week got a month-long reprieve on the bucketful he will cop when the HIH royal commission publicises its reputation-wrecking submissions, has been spied using the public phone in Victoria Street just down from his mate Joe Elcham's hip new eatery, Jimmy Liks.
The always sartorially splendid Adler not only stands out amongst the mainly backpacker crowd but thanks to the open-air nature of the modern pay phone, a lot of what he says is easily overheard. Our spy reported one conversation that went along the lines of Rodney's week going well because he hadn't been in the papers.
Adler opined during his second HIH grilling that the commission's super sleuths knew everything about him so it's not surprising if he desires an untraceable call every now and then. Or maybe he's lost his mobile.
One phone call from his former crony Brad "the Canary" Cooper looked potentially legendary when the commission's counsel tried to link it to insider trading. But Adler reckoned it was simply a birthday greeting.

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