Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Black MagicK murder links to a triangle Report Robert Tosh Plumlee exposes

This map drawing was first drawn for FBI SAC Scott Warner at Buena Vista Colorado in April 1964.. (before the Warren Commission was formed and in session) The location of the alleged shooter's position at the south side of the Triple Underpass, was "discounted" by the FBI director, Hoover, and the DoJ.
The drawing was also given to investigators for Senator Church 1n 1974, The drawing (map) was again summited to Congressmen Tom Downing, shortly before the HSCA was formed, 1978. FBI Director, Jay Edgar Hoover cover up the details of the 1964 Colorado meeting and classified the field reports from FBI SAC Warner. (documented; some documentations were declassified, 2001)
Senator Gary Hart also received this information while serving on the House armed services committed. The information was reported as, "not confirmed ". That Information was received from the director of the FBI, Jay Edgar Hoover.
This trail and record indicates there was a FBI conspiracy to cover up the facts behind the JFK assassination in reference to the SOUTH knoll shooter. This cover-up lead to the Warren Commission reporting in their findings, Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter and there was no conspiracy. … a set up and a Patsey, as Oswald claimed..
A second drawing was drawn for investigators Gary Shaw and Bernard Finisterwald Jr, in 1981at Denver Colorado.
I gave forensics investigator Sherry Fienster permission to used the drawing in her work, "The Enemy of the Truth" revised 2014 edition currently on Kindel and on sale at Amazon. This memo is background as to the origin of the drawing.

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