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Email sent to Judge Anthony Garling

Dear Sir,

I know this is an unusual case.  I had Judge Anthony Garling hearing the case Police Vs Weatherstone.

I brought up in front of you the massive amount of fraud and extortion.  I brought up about the attempts on my life and those of this gang that threatened me with death.

I have been working through the underworld to expose this gang.  It was in the relationship to the scorpion logo of The Kings Cross Sting as above as below is the link to the Original Gangster's in Kings Cross dating back to 1804 by my research which is a co-incidence with your family lineage of being a Court Judge 1815 we must make a note.

Since the 4th July 2013 as I was told the red book was to be taken to Kings Cross for allegedly some black magicK connections.

I know by the tarot cards the book is not within your custody or else you would have exposed the book to the alleged Chief Justice to quell the fears of the authorities.

It is interesting the field of law your firm is involved with.  Compensation Law.  I have again asked for the Police search warrant through the Governor General to dismiss the Parliament when the relics of Juanita Nielsen are found within the subfloor compartment within the hidden crypt that you thought was so irrevelant to the case.

I know by the Ouija board the relics of Juanita Nielsen are leading me to have this crypt exposed to the world where Strike Force in 2009 missed 3 area's within the same premises.

It has come to light and the evidence has been given to Police Commissioner Scipione of the Victim having the money to buy a property in Castle Hill.  As I look for the money and whilst I knew the hidden crypt was their I had threats to murder me which you dismissed.

I note within the evidence produced by you, in sentencing procedures where their was about 30 asian's in court with an interpretor that day 16 December 2013 where this link allegedly is to the supply network for the alleged drugs coming into our country as this gang holds the deposit known as the Gold Step in this area where by the research and the tarot exposes the alleged connections with Kerry Packer where he had $5million stolen and the connection with Bill Bayeh who I have learnt now is also known as Michael.  Alex was right it could have been a Michael behind all this.

I am writing to you just to bring you up to speed as we walk to change history and expose the beautiful crypt where Juanita has been awaiting the Police search warrant that I have asked for since 2011.

I have written to start the long process with yourself and your direction as I went to work and went home.  This was your assumption within the evidence I will note as I  never went home until the 12 August 2011.  I stayed in Kings Cross and at times I was told I was watched, not just within the premises I was watched within Kings Cross and held against my will by a man I call Sammy Sweet that by what Barrister John Peluso told me is extremely protected.

Barrister Peluso said the last case he had on these premses started the Wood's Royal Commission.

I have the St George Bank looking at the evidence with their solicitor and the Financial Ombudsman which declared I was hit with an Outlaw gang.

There is no protection within a brothel when you rang 000 and the police can not see the thugs surrounding you.  There is no protection when that thug told me he was going to take the money.  When that thug told me he could have me shot right on Darlinghurst Road if I didn't go along with him.

We have the evidence and the ability for the DNA to be matched to the Victim's which will again prove that the Victim never had sex nor utilised the condom at all if the evidence was removed and held in the proper fashion.

I know this case will go down in history, what I would like you to do if you do not have the Exhibit G original book please can you advise Police Scipione and Detective Luke Stibbard from Team 1 connections of Detective James Dark.

When the evidence is exposed and the hidden power of the extortion was for this gang to be paid for these dangerous stunts they played all to hide the remains and evidence like Sammy Sweet said of the Books and paperwork exposing this gang.

We have the history where these rooms were allowed to be utilised by Abe Saffron from the ANZ Bank who owned the premises.  We have the connections in history to the alleged Rothschild's who had hidden strongholds held in Private Trusts coming to this same premises as J&B Trust.

We have the links to Adam allegedly Adam Notoriious linking to the Victim's friend with the colours of the Original Gang that allegedly were gained through the ritual.

We have the connections within history of the Red Scorpion within the sky for the Antares star then we have the Red Scorpion in the outlaw gang for the drug cartel's around the world.

I knew the situation was extremely dangerous, even as I write this the level of terror I have held within me is huge as the alleged cocaine connections links to the Original Gang in Kings Cross dating back to the Opium trading of the Russell Family as shown on the Kellet Estate for the same area of land in Kings Cross fitting to the Hooked X Map.

I have asked repeatedly for the Police search warrant to expose this gang.  Whilst the Police look at the evidence thinking probably Ill work it out with the tarot.

I have followed the drug runners who I thought set me up to expose their evidence to the Police.  Some are still in Kings Cross and working even tonight.  I had a guy in the premises threatening to blow my head off in the November 2011.  I had his calling card left on my car, it was a coffin cross with Jesus on it.  So I thought it was unusual evidence.  Thou being superstitious I threw it out before my family could see it and think it was a sign from above as to what was happening to Mr Weatherstone.

Mr Weatherstone has had chemotherapy where 6 hours it has been found the Hospital has forgotten, or neglected to put the chemo treatment in the bag and has made the letter to me admitting the mistake when I could expose the evidence of this gang to them.

I can understand you can direct the Police to search the premises.  However you didn't think it was mitigating circumstances for the reason why I was setup or the reason why this gang took my money and Mr Weatherstone's.

The Financial Ombudsman has declared the bank to confirm what I think to be correct.  That this Original gang named Notorious Scorpion as they are know linking back to the days of James Devine and the Kellett Street fight over the right of way to the unit known as the MSIC, Mustard Seed Incorporated Company.  This was the link to the Original gang calling themselves "The Company".

What I listen too sometimes is the voice of Juanita Nielsen and what she saw in Kings Cross.

I was feeding the information to the Police from 2009 where this gang was allegedly moving drugs.  It was money where I allege Shannon Elliffe had manipulated the money to hide from me and the authorities.  This relates to the documents I submitted from Azoo Insulation trading for Peregrine Future Pty Ltd.

There are many of the cases of the fraud I have found linking to Felix Lyle and the underworld which links to many that came after me wanting the control of the premises.  Yet they never really wanted to open the premises as this allowed the reason for the Police to keep checking the information as Detective Dench said on the stand you may remember words to the effect of "The Police have photographed the area again".  Other parts she stopped all investigating into the fraud.

This is where I utilised the part of the Police Act where Detective Mark Howard, Superintendent Sue Waites both linked to under 141 A Police Act no further investigating.  Yet this hidden crypt relates to holding evidence relating to murder.

When I was working on the evidence as Inspector at Hurstville Police explained to me I was a dead lady walking.  I need to expose all the information and research I had to the Police.  This I have continued to do so to bring about something where the biggest drug bust will expose no drugs but the relics that will shock the world.

I have had many of the working girls helping me with the evidence over time.  Even the homeless down near Woolloomooloo Mathew Talbot Hostel as to the drug network and where the alleged main source of the cocaine is feeding through this area as within the underworld by my study the cocaine is sold around Kings Cross by the security guards.  This link is what Sammy Sweet said he met in a unit to do the drugs with alleged John Ibrahim and Tongon Sam.  So I knew the heroin by what I have seen can come many ways.  I was explained by Peter Schaffer it was being delivered Mortdale to Woolloomooloo as he told me I was paying his way.

I had the link to the drug ice and the alleged links to Mohammad Jomaa as the Mohammad linking in Woolloomooloo and to Roger Hegarty who was the first person with Sex worker Deirde Grace to aske for $100k for protection money as Deirde told me it was going to the Boss John Ibrahim.

I was told by Peter Schaffer over time if John says you can't open, well you can't as he would put his face closer to mine to terrorise me.

Black magicK is real, it is very dangerous and links to the Ancient Druids.  I had a link that it was very active in the Wynard area where a premises was described to me like the alleged chapter linking to Felix Lyle and to Oxford Street the Diamond Horse shoe theatre.

We have had kero bombs thrown at the house and then Detective Mark Carter kings Cross said he would ask for the Police search warrant but this connected to where Detective Dench said under oath she stopped all investigating.

Within black magicK links to colours, to feathers for the occult which I showed to the Victim the feathers you will note and you removed from the court an interesting connection as Alex said to me to take the feathers for the reaction as we both worked on the images and seeing for ourselves as the colour of the feathers within the evidence were different that the Police held in Kings Cross Police Station.

I know you allegedly laughed when I spoke about the fraud as I was told to write off the loss.  I don't think I should have too as the drug network is working night and day the value of the alleged gold within the premises of the brothel upon the police search will be part of the alleged compensation I will seek due to the dangerous situation the non investigating the hidden crypt and how this gang have kept coming after me.

I have exposed to the Police Integrity Commission numerous relationships to the premises, to the slowness for the Police search and for the necessity as this search will expose the alleged drug network control.

Some say around the world links to the underworld here in Australia Kings Cross the hidden crypt controlling the world.

I think about the money the working girls are telling me are dropped to various positions and the power this alleged drug money being in cash is holding our currency within the economy. What I mean we have an economy probably bigger within the drug use today then we have normally as the biggest commodity in Kings Cross is drugs and how the area is allegedly sponsored by the Government to allow the drug runners to be in the area.

I had the connections to the gangs as Peter Schaffer I was told as I saw him with a Bandidos hat on and he allegedly is an associate was to have the biggest boss of Bandidos within the premises.  

I looked for the faces I saw and a link came to allegedly Tom DOmican when I connected Mohammad Jomaa after seeing him at Kogarah court the other week back.

For over 2 years Alex helped me collect the drug mobile numbers and the runs.  We collected the information we thought the police needed to bring this gang down.  As the tarot tells me I go back to finish this Museum in Kings Cross.

I haven't seen Alex for years now, however I was told this week that he was allegedly still sending information to the Police hotline Anomyously to bring about the down fall of this gang.

By his history chanel he is connecting to a part of the history I connect going back in time where this gang came through as linking to a gang based upon the Freemason's ways.

For your knowledge by the time I was 7 I could debate the Bible.  I only knew the phrases when I had a bible in my hands.  I was brought up by Freemason's, my Grandfather was hidden in society for protection for the bloodline.  I write about this.

I also write about the co-incidences between the brothel and many of the unsolved murders including JFK assassination with the links to the Maurice Bernard Houghton and Michael J. Hand with CIA William Colby, Onassis etc.

I thought they would allegedly have the victim go missing as Peter Schaffer told me time and time again so the evidence to get him picked up by the Police I with many others have exposed this gang movements to keep this person safe.

However, when the evidence comes out of the brothel and the relics of Juanita for the Skull and Crossbones Chapter 222 was in Kings Cross linking to Skull and Bones Chapter 322 in America with a link to Britain as the ANZ Bank in 1948 when King of Jacob was formed.

This is a complex web the drug network is, how it works yet I was working undercover in 2010 to bring this drug network down.  I had the history of how the books were kept back in the 1930's and how it was done.  It was part of the reason why my Grandfather was hidden within the Freemason's.

I saw the guy come into court on the 3 July 2013 who sat at the front of the visitor section.  I knew by the pain in my back he was extremely dangerous.  We will note we have 360 different senses and most of us only utilise 7 some a few more.

One yellow feather?  Isn't this a line from the Holy Grail.
The position of the premises fits the Hooked X map.
I had people telling me the controller of the drugs in Kings Cross linked to a TC.  Tom Cat?  Cat as for the Pink Pussycat Club has allegedly always linked to the hidden control.  You may go over the evidence in your mind and be able to shed some light to the Police.  I have had many interviews with Barrister Patricia White who told me to make the pictures to expose the system I saw within the evidence.

I had Barrister Len Einstein who went into great depth to expose to the District Court Civil where again we have been before court Judges and returned to list awaiting the Police search.

Then think of the stress all of this has had not just on me and maybe you, it has brought back the agressive cancer to Mr Weatherstone and the Hospital not doing the chemo all happens for a reason.

We have been affected where my father has moved, where my daughter her partner couldn't stand the stress and walked out through the sheer fear of having eggs thrown at cars and tyres slashed.

Even the gang how they terrorised me and how I have asked for the Police search warrant yet no one has heard my pleads.

I was right as above as below linked within our history going back 2009.  The evidence of the Freemason's games and how this gang has utilised them to hide behind in Kings Cross.

When the Police search the premises exposing Juanita Nielsen and how we know the rest of her body by the Ouija Board is under a concrete pool where Mr Godson lived who managed the Bankstown Hotel again a co-incidence to the Elias family who wanted to control the premises linking to Saile No 1 Pty Ltd.

When the Victim said she had her manager outside, and Peter Schaffer's Mrs ends up with the Talisman in photographs I have exposed to the Police.  I have exposed the connections with the alleged black Moloch worshipping MagicK where images of alleged cut up people in Sydney link I exposed to the Police with a guy that had pictures up on Facebook for the ritual of worship from the alleged standing on Roslyn Street to pay homeage to the timing of allegedly John Ibrahim's birthday in August 2014.

The control to the premises where ANZ Bank allowed Abe Saffron to utilise the premises for his office.  We have the links to the underworld bank at the time Nugan-Hand Bank then when that was removed or demolished by the system of the banks and how this gang attacked my cards links as evidence to pieces of crime to a system.  JJ Weatherstone   JJ for Juanita Joan?

ANZ bank has been allegedly setup to control the major 4 banks.

We have the links within the history documented now within affidavit's District Court where a hidden Trust links behind the name D & S Australia Pty Ltd.  The connection is they share the same ABN number however they haven't documented this in court nor have the affidavit's shown that the alleged trust behind J& B Trust is shown on the Deed's as this then would fall within the Roman Cannon Laws for the alleged Rothschild Trusts were setup within Private Trusts where assets of treasure were held.

When you stood up saying NO to the Police search warrant for Juanita Nielsen I write this to ask for the courts to never allow a Judge to have a right to deny a defendant a court warrant where their is suspect of information linking to a cold case murder or missing person.

I ask that you check the evidence you held, the yellow feathers that you did not give back to the court and to the Red book original missing Exhibit G for the Golden Scorpion where the den of the Golden Scorpion awaits the Police search.

When someone tells the court they have been extorted and fraud and can show evidence then the Courts need to look at the Defendant with some ability to expose an underworld gang.  

The victim, is she?  Well expose the relics of Juanita Nielsen and she becomes an alleged accessory to hide a murder.  I will allege to saying NO to the Police search warrant I allege should be accessory to after the facts.  Juanita Nielsen in 1975 linked to the corruption within Police, Politicans.

Then think how I have struggled with no money because of the negligence of the Police when I dialled 000 and said I was threatened to be murdered for not paying protection money and having Sammy Sweet for day terrorising me, then telling me if I didn't behaviour he would have me shot.  This was the danger where if you go over the CCTV shows the alleged friendship between Sammy Sweet and the Victim.  Peter Schaffer told me her friends name was Mezza and he knew her from the Club.  It was the club for the Bandidos for the gang number 81 as I showed evidence to the Police and to Barrister White and Jason Hanna of the number that was hung around her neck soon after the court case.

Within the crypt in Kings Cross I know we are raising the most precious hero's of the world.  

Please be aware any evidence that is in your possession will become evidence for the Crown as we go further to expose the hidden control allegedly J & B Trust in Kings Cross.  This was the face that linked to the man in Room D which I allege link to the assassination of JFK and to the Nugan-Hand Bank.  By setting up the brothel hides the significant evidence within the premises and shuts the brothel down.

The premises have still not been leased and interesting they have kept the sign up Sparkling Chandeliers it all happens for a reason.  However to not allow the search has risked not just my life many other people where when the real evidence is exposed this will change the direction of our courts and laws where a hidden compartment 80 metres from Kings Cross Police Station where 000 was rang and it took 2.5 hours for the Police to turn up.  Then we have the Detective Dench under oath State Crime Command stopping all investigating.

I write for a meaningful resolution to our problem, as this gang won't rest until all the evidence is hidden.  This gang I expose in Kings Cross allegedly links to the ANO which is a dangerous military organisation with links to Bankstown.  When the cocaine is manufactured within operations that are legal overseas through the alleged coca cola and pepsi connections these are the alleged link not just to the assassination of JFK hidden control but to the alleged hidden control in Kings Cross where the working girls tell you the cocaine they flashed.  I was told in Woolloomooloo the cocaine is protected.  The protection money is paid by the supplier.

As Billy from Sleevemaster tattoo's told me it was the signs that were the history to understanding the gang I expose this through my books.

So I will ask you, why did you say no to a Police search warrant that will expose by the action to search the premises the biggest drug bust for the control where Jenny Bae Byun is situated in Korea and has by Ben Noonan Solicitor told the court she is not coming back to Australia.

We are awaiting the Police search as the Almighty is rising.


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