Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What we are hidden from the Truth...Anonymous exposes

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TO THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT… The People Know and more are being informed!
1) Monsanto
2) Fluoride in our Water:
3) Haarp:
4) 911 was an inside job.
5) False Flags:
6) Crisis Actors:
7) Police Brutality:
8) FEMA Camps
9) Bilderberg Group:
10) Serco: (Serpent Company).
11) Silencing Whistlblowers
12) Killing Activists
(R.I.P) Aaron Swartz:
(R.I.P) Rachel Corrie:
Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist:
13) False Accusations against Anonymous
14) Lost or Stolen Trillions of Dollars:
15) The US Spying on the World:
All Social Media Platforms on US Soil Assisting:
They did not have this dinner for nothing.
16) Martial Law
17) NWO (New World Order):
What is is Zionist?
Someone who has NO GOD and worships material Possessions and cares only about themselves and immediate family.
Food That Kills – Full Presentation:
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