Sunday, 3 May 2015

Isabella died today of DIPG- Lets stop the lies on Vitamins and Minerals for cancer victims

Isabella died today of DIPG would the remineralising of the body helped? We never know.

Hi, sorry I left a funding message. I have been researching this for a while. Im workiing on gaining funding in Australia for research, the product I am proposing to test is available in USA I think but internet based. The product is called Cellect. It is a Multi-vitamiin and Mineral powder, I am going to do a study on peptides and this to help DIPG with Doctor care. Please ask your Doctor. God Bless xxx
16 February 15:58
I remember hearing early on not to even give her multivitamins because it could possibly feed the tumor.
17 February 08:21
I have been trying hard to look at DIPG in a different way. It is a cancer I believe when we can hinder it's progress we are on the way to solving the solution. I do not know if Fred would talk to you about this type of cancer however I do believe his mix is not very much vitamins. I think this could be part of the secret.
The Cannabis oil could help, the best I have found in the world is through Gregory Karl Davis he is on my facebook.
I will attach my book which I have done for the proposal for the people to understand my work. Cannabis is slow, it takes alot longer I feel than the Cellect program for benefits. But Im not a Doctor, just a researcher.
I have given this same book to Randy Hinton and Gerry Tye both are very supportive of what I am doing. But we all need it to be further studied. I am very sorry for your daughter. This is Fred who designed the cellect protocol. Please ask him, because I know this is close for the solution.
Honestly, we prayed about the oils. Not being led that way. The one thing that helped Isabel was swimming. Circulated blood, kept her strong, helped appetite, made her more chatty, more focused. Brought back some signal communication on her weak side. Only a miracle can cure this.
Please, my work is unique in the world. I have Professors wondering if I have some idea that medical science has missed. If you are praying for a miracle please buy the cellect.
The cannabis oil in Australia is too a low of THC to help anyone to get well.
Brother Gregory Karl Davis has this oil made as an anointing oil for Ministers and people of the Bible.
I have found great improvement in many patients that have taken it. However the people on this Cellect program I have noticed massive improvements in a short period of time.
Yet I have seen no DIPG children on the supplement. Many people here in Australia are wondering how I found it.
18 February 10:45
I'm not sure of any parent that would take it. We were told specifically no multivitamins or anything of that nature that could feed and regenerate cancer cells. I would ask someone else because we cannot go against protocol.
That's okay I was just helping. I am utilising this formula for a protocol to be approved in Australia for DIPG.

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