Sunday, 3 May 2015

Police prepare to search in Kings Cross- BREAKING NEWS

Shop 6, 34-36A Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross, NSW 2011 ...
Apr 9, 2015 - ... female toilets. Ducted air-conditioning. Automatic security entrance from street. To inspect or inquire contact JEFFREY ONISHI 9552 4700  ..

Scorpio moon predicts.  
Magnifiscent Moon

The horoscope of this full moon is magnifiscent because of the perfect square between the Sun and Jupiter, two celestial bodies which always sync and correspond with divine power, will, and grace for our lives. The sweetest and brightest things that will soon befall us will be granted by the law and vibration of the Sun/Jupiter square so when the relief, renewal, and blessings come you will know of their cosmic origin. As above, so below, that's the way the wisdom flows...

Secrets tend to fly beneath full moons in Scorpio but this one will be especially powerful, to the tune of 100 times more powerful,because of the specific degree of the Sun and the involvement of Jupiter by its perfect square to both the Sun and Moon forming what some astrologers call a "t square." Since it is time for secrets to fly I have one to share with you: the esoteric number of this full moon is "444" derived from the 13 of the Sun, the 13 of the Moon, and the 13 of Jupiter. 13 in numerology makes 4 and here we have it thrice over.

The Almighty is rising.....the horn has been blown..we are awaiting.  Ill light the candles for the souls as we expose the most precious souls in the world.

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