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Juanita Nielsen what people are saying

Another past Sydney Identity. Publisher, urban conservationist and Mark Foy's heiress Juanita Nielsen, who went missing in 1975 and is believed to have been murdered. c 1974 (News Media)
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  • Ronald Bogus Fred , Kelly & Askin
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  • Ronald Bogus Lol @ nile
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  • Jennifer Stone I opened her murder in 2011, we are still working on it.
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  • Ronald Bogus Jen......most involved now reside @ rookwood
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  • Jennifer Stone Tom Dominican still alive, the underworld today will be exposed through the police search warrant I have requested. The police have one guy locked up who allegedly was involved, he is in his 60's.
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  • Paul McGovern It's not a's no secret as to what happened and very powerful people have everything to lose if the details were made public...and I would suggest that anyone that did try would find themselves getting the story from Juanita in the afterlife
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  • Ronald Bogus Go girl....
    Probably close to 70s
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  • Jennifer Stone I have been working on this from 2009, yet the threats to murder me, fraud, extortion, kero bombs, having trucks run you off the road, yes I am still alive through an angel who protects me.
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  • Paul McGovern Are you talking about Juanita?
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  • Paul McGovern Well mate...what you do is your call but I don't recall her having a lot if luck...I hope yours is better
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  • Jennifer Stone Yes I am, I can giive you the book I wrote, but I found a compartment subfloor in a building where Abe Saffron offices were.
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  • Maria Adam I have those chairs and table...well not those but identical ones
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  • Paul McGovern I'm sure there are subfloors, tunnels etc....but Abe wouldn't have been careless enough to leave anything incriminating within a bulls roar of his offices etc
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  • Jennifer Stone The police have known about this for a while, we have been working with strike force Raptor. Many of the biggest drug busts have come through the research behind The Kings Cross Sting.
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  • Gary Kosegi Hello paul .....
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  • Paul McGovern Gaz!!!!!
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  • Gary Kosegi How are u buddy ?
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  • Paul McGovern I had to get a new profile...will send you an add
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  • Andrew Buckley Have you ever noticed how all the millionaire property developers always seem to be on intimate terms with criminals, standover men and murderers? Juanita Nielsen was murdered for her opposition to the massive overdevelopment of Victoria Street in Kings Cross. As Cicero pointed out many years ago, the person most likely to have committed the crime is the person most likely to benefit from it.
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  • Paul McGovern You are went much higher up the good chain than that
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  • Paul McGovern It's people getting sucked in to that version that's prevented the real story being told....I don't believe it will ever be solved in any case...Robert Askin and his cronies at the top are long dead and beyond the reach of the law in any case
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  • Gary Kosegi Much much much more to the story than most of you or I know
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  • John Goodhew Yes I must agree that the hair was what got my attention
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  • Cynthia Nicholson Is Roger Rogerson involved in any way on or in that case
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  • Paul McGovern No....before his rise to fame are all looking at the bottom of the food chain...the orders in relation to this murder came from the highest offices
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  • Paul McGovern Think about anti corruption campaigner is knocked at the order of a developer and the most powerful people in the state risk everything to cover it up...she had dirt on very powerful people and was going to expose a contract was offered to a number of people...Fred krahe accepted it...all this info is out there but some have the goal if canonising Juanita through her activism regarding Victoria street...she was undoubtedly a pain the arse for thee man but certainly not enough to be knocked...if that eerr the reason why weren't the union guys taken out?
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  • Lynette Komidar I say nothing
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  • Grant Errington Still looking for her hair !!!
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  • David Harpley Yes Grant, the hair is the definite focus!!
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  • Phillip Brian James Tovey The queen had her murdered?
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  • Daniel Jarrett Musta been Tony Abbott
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  • Flora van Gulik Nothing much has changed since then Paul McGovern, only the players. The media and the people just get fed porridge. I agree with you, foolish to try to find out. Stay right away from it. Play with fire, you'll get burnt, like Juanita
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  • Paul McGovern It was a lot easier to make problems go away back then…no DNA, bugger all CCTV, no computers...
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  • Flora van Gulik Yes indeed it was Paul, but all can be manipulated, bought, and fudged. also, no CCTV footage often leads to no case nowadays. It still happens. I know it does. But would never say. I like life
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  • Flora van Gulik Not NSW, another state
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  • Fletcher Thomas We love Junita Nielson in Potts Point. They should change the name of Kings Cross Station to Junita Nielson, the station is worthy of her name, since Kings Cross in not a real location, it's a vacinity of an imagined codes.
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  • Paul McGovern people watch too many movies where there is a happy ending and the good guys always win…when you rattle the cages of powerful people with no morals and an overwhelming desire to retain ill gotten gains, there is a very good chance you will come unstuck...
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  • Jennifer Stone The imagined code is interesting when you think about the X factor.
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  • Juanita Lovett Peter, I remember this well. I have always hoped they would find out what happened to her one day !...
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  • Jennifer Stone The corruption noted in 1975 was Robert Askin Liberal Party, Police Commissioner 1975, we have the Woods Royal Commission on the Police corruption but Juanita Nielsen case was hardly mentioned.
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  • Paul McGovern why would it be when you consider the people that have a vested interest in keeping things quiet…its no mystery…she was in a position to reveal a dossier of incriminating photos taken at orgies held by saffron and secretly photographed…if they had been...See More
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  • Gary Kosegi allegedly !.............................and she pissed of a lot more than that who were loosing , other surrounding developers , sellers said before the picture was much bigger ....being a rich girl she thought she was untouchable
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  • Fletcher Thomas Brave never-the-less
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  • Chris Turner A lady who knew too much obviously...and they do say ''knowledge is power '' 
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  • David Ho Yeap ! I remember her vividly. Thanks Buddy.
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  • Judy Crichton She was never seen again!
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  • Lynette Komidar Why say 'the Queen and Tony Abbott' .. it's not a joke! We do know who did it.
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  • Rae Parramore Billett I remember her well. Too outspoken. But the people doing business in Sydney in those days were bad news and nobody with any sense said anything. It was the unspoken law. She certainly pissed someone high up off and I hate to say it but it will never be solved adequately because it was a hit....
    • Lynette Komidar right .. ish. Suited all parties
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    • Virginia Boatwright What a loss to Sydney. A woman of courage and conviction.
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    • Grant Errington A silly woman, in reality
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    • Virginia Thomsett Szaraz May I ask, with respect, Jennifer Stone, why you are discussing this on FB? What you say is very interesting but am surprised about it being in public discussion if investigation and exposure pending.
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    • Paul McGovern There has bee enquiry after enquiry and nothing has turned up that is new
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    • Ronald Bogus Good question V.T.S. ??????
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    • Jennifer Stone The Police corruption I have hit, and they know it. I have worked on this full time trying to understand the underworld in a way, yet the drug runners have been hit hard by my pen. When I came to Kings Cross back in 2011, it was after much study on the footpath traffic, the places where people would go I had no idea about Juanita Nielsen at that time. In 2011, I was asked for Protection money linking in history to where Bill Bayeh and Lenny MacPherson had terrorised the people. The museum was being researched, the thugs werre coming in the front door and the police called them my friend. It is a human right to live without violence yet the streets of Kings Cross was from another world I had entered. I was asked in 2009 to research the underworld for a Museum, I was given a job opportunity my way in the Stockmarket in 2010 that I would need to arm myself with I was told to expose this gang that was growing by the day and was I will allege thee shootings around Sydney over the control of tthe drug network. The penning the books The Kings Cross Sting kept me safe,, yet it opened the eyes of not just me, of other government departments to the puppet strings of the underworld where my information is Federal and at Interpol level. Juanita Nielsen was just a key to understanding the layers within the underworld and how to find them was following her shoes to expose this same gang that took her life. I believe the strong hold in the building will expose a gang where as Nostradamus said in the Great 7 it will be exposed tto the world, within the prophecies it will open in 2015 HELL, when it is full.
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    • Ronald Bogus Better get back on your medication
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    • Paul McGovern Double it
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    • Flora van Gulik Bloody hell. Nostradamus knew. Oh well, just read him then and get the drum.

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      • Jennifer Stone Michel De Nostradamus was a 16th-century French man who studied astrology and various other sciences. He is most famous for using his knowledge and apparent super human abilities to predict future events. Many of his believers are sure that his predictions have come true, and here are five of Nostradamus prophecies that haven’t yet come true, so may be something to look out for in the future.

        Humans Rising From The Grave
      • The Third Anti-christ

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