Sunday, 3 May 2015

Rosaleen Norton what they say about her?

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  • Ruth McAlpine Gee Rosaleen looks evil.
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  • Dick Whitaker She was self styled witch!
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  • Ruth McAlpine Dont think I'd like to cross her!
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  • Chris Turner True ...she was the ''devil incarnate ''.
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  • Rachel Hockey Geez look at the one on the left! Terrifying!
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  • Ray Gavan I remember them all when Sydney was the centre of our little world!!
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  • Mary AndJohn Kemp I looked after Rosaleen. at St Vincent's . I could tell you some stories there , but I'm not going to, even though she has passed away back in 1979, when I was there.
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  • Mary AndJohn Kemp Bee Miles insisted in nursing me when I was 6 months old, in the picture theatre , my mum said she was very nervous but let her nurse me. My Nan knew her back in her Uni day at Sydney uni, she was brilliant , and could recite Shakespeare,at a drop of a hat!
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  • Mick Wheeler Rosaleen was a near neighbour of mine when I lived in Potts Point early 70s. I remember her.. she live in Rosylyn Gardens.
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  • Jennifer Meadows In 1976 Rosaleen put a curse on one of my work colleagues. She had no idea why she was chosen but said she woke one morning to find Rosaleen out the front of her housing performing the ritual.
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  • Jenny Dalton-Thom Bee Miles (top rightt) was quite a character. Often in the news in the mid - late 60s.
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  • Chris Turner That's nasty, Jennifer..but it still goes on today .
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  • Mary AndJohn Kemp I'm with Jennifer, she was not a nice person and did a lot of harm to many people! Just because someone is dead doesn't make the truth disappear,in regards to Rosaleen
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  • Jennifer Stone

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