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Kings Cross Backpackers links to Scorpion Rituals.

We have Brado's Backpackers and Kings Cross Backpackers as sister businesses.

Ivan Milat victims it seems all came from Kings Cross what did they see.

  1. Sins of the Brother: The Definitive Story of Ivan Milat ...
    Mark Whittaker, ‎Les Kennedy - 2001 - ‎Murderers
    The Definitive Story of Ivan Milat and the Backpacker Murders Mark ... they all stayed at a Kings Cross hostel and were heading for South Australia's Riverland. ... Some of the police were owned by drug dealers and pimps and so much of their ...

  2. True Crime XL: Ivan Milat: The Last Ride

    Aug 4, 2012 - A call was made to the office of detectives in Sydneys Kings Cross, ... leaving a Kings Cross backpacker's hostel just after Christmas Day, 1991
  3. Within reports 34-36a Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross by the ANZ Bank was empty or office for alleged Abe Saffron as they seemed allegedly to be working together as I keep the Private Investigation up.
  4. We understand by the research in The Private investigation The Kings Cross Sting Madame X Informer....the murders of the backpackers linking to Ivan Milat linked to the alleged Scorpion Rituals and the area of the old church with Red Cow Farm linking as for the history.
  5. These rituals they are doing or have done link to the Bible as they bring alive the Beast 666 as they become the Beast.

  6. Court hears of Milat relative's chilling kill -
    May 21, 2012 - Then came the cold, angry voice of Matthew Milat. ... terrible guttural moan that brought shrieks of distress from the victim's family and shocked many sitting in the court. ... POEMS written by a relative of serial killer Ivan Milat have given a ..... Hebrew Bible, 
  7. Hebrew Bible?  Egyptian?  Moloch worshipping is real.
  8. In reality the working girls on heroin would have a link to Tranny Stairs for the alleged heroin and to a overhead walkway connection at the back of Kings Cross towards Rose Bay.  This walkway was a meeting place so the heroin must've been around that area.
  9. Oh, no another two linked to disappearance from Kings Cross.
  10. Joanne and Caroline left the Kings Cross flat. They planned to hitch-hike to Melbourne.

    They were last seen walking towards the Kings Cross railway station.
  11. These were the bodies of 21-year-old Joanne Walters and 21-year-old Caroline Clarke. They were not the first victims of the backpacker serial killer, but they were the first be found dead in the Belanglo State Forest.

    1. The Evil Crimes Of Ivan The Terrible - Hikers

      Jul 28, 1996 - Ivan Milat, a 46-year-old road worker had just been re-employed by the ... They came around the southern side of the boulder. ... They were not the first victimsof the backpacker seial killer, but they .... who had disappeared after leaving a KingsCross hostel on Boxing Day 1991, would be found nearby.
    2. Someone had allegedly taken the people to this area.  At times the Red Cow Farm is empty, at other times it is a Bed and Breakfast.  There is another farm now close by I noticed within the research.  Talking to a bouncer from the 1990's he talked about the guys in control would go down for the sport of hunting?  Well this is what happened.  Did he act alone? I don't think so.
    3. Milat echoed justice Hunt's opinion in February 1997 when he appealed his conviction on the unusual grounds that he did not act alone in the murder.  No action has been taken to date on that appeal, but Milat was placed under tight security three months later after prison guards foiled a "meticulously planned" escape by Ivan and three other inmates.  By November 1997, Milat had fired the attorney who fingered his brothers as suspects, representing himself in a new-and futile-appeal to the New South Wales Supreme Court.

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