Sunday, 25 January 2015

Australia Day 26 January 2015....Unsolved murders exposed through The Kings Cross Sting

  • 2015 is an 8 Universal Year (2+0+1+5=8)
  • January 26 is an 8 Universal Day (2+6=8)
  • 1.26.2015 is an 8 Universal Date (1+2+6+2
    +0+1+5=17; 1+7=8)
Australia Day, it is the day Australia lost its innocence. 26 January 1966 we had the disappearance of Beaumont Children. The co-incidence came when I opened the Beaumont Children, to the changing of money to our Australian currency. Yes this was The Kings Cross Currency I was exposing in The Kings Cross Sting. 26 January 1966 Prime Minister Harold Holt took office, he went missing in December 1967. We have the links to the working girls explaining to me about the Master who was protecting the brothel all for a reason. Today I hope the Australian Federal Police and NSW Police Forcewith Kings Cross LAC - NSW Police Force do the Police search to expose this gang that links around the world.
Kings Cross was needing a Museum 2009 we started on collecting the evidence - created at Kings Cross Museum, an Aljen Project....The Kings Cross Sting Privat...
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