Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Fred Eichhorn exposed mindset to Jennifer Stone author Cannabis Soul Healing

  • I received this information from someone that should be more open minded.  Cannabis fed correctly can replace the missing trace elements.
  • Fred Eichhorn
    Fred Eichhorn
    Dear Jennifer,
    I sincerely appreciate your request to join the National Cancer Research Foundation's group.
    As much as I would like to accept you into our group, I saw that you have joined groups that promote cannabis. The sad fact is that it is promoted as a cure, which upsets me to no end. who ever said that cannabis fixes the DNA is full of baloney. I am a very open minded, trained first in transplant surgery and preservation research, later a naturopathic dr, in addition to teaching chemistry and doing nutritional physical biochemistry, with a strong scientific background, there is no relation of any kind, not even worth a discussion.
    In the past, some people have been nasty and arrogant with me, and some tried to promote it on my group sites, and some joined my group and contacted my group members to solicit their marijuana support, which I will not tolerate in any way. Therefore, I will need to know your position on this before I make any decision to accept you into the group.
    When I write to others regarding it, I am not writing to be unkind nor disrespectful. Instead, we are kind helpful people and very respectful towards others and their opinions. At the same time, my information is based on scientific facts.
    As I have a scientific background over the past 40 years, including that I taught Chemistry Lab for many years, masters in “Nutritional Physical Biochemistry”, went to med school to be a transplant surgeon, and that I am a Naturopathic doctor, which is using natural applications.
    Over the past 40 years, I studied the marijuana/cannabis down to the single cellular level and its intricate effects, I understand the detailed negative effects it causes over time.
    I see where some people do not understand this, and they promote cannabis as though it is helpful, but they do not realize the long term negative effects. Although it may temporarily reduce cancer symptoms, it does not resolve it correctly on a total biochemistry level, and causes other side effects and problems to the neurological system.
    Although it might reduce cancer in the beginning, and it will reduce inflammation because it impairs the neurological communication, preventing the lactic acid release, which is why the inflammation reduces, however, it does not resolve the problem which was signaling to release the lactic acid in effort to tell the body that it needed specific nutrition, but the initial root causes were not resolved, which is why some people initially support it, as they do not understand the biochemistry consequences.
    What they do not realize is that although it initially reduces the inflammation, reducing tumor size, and numbing the pain, the effect is temporary and causes neurological damage, and does nothing to correct the initial root source of why the body made the cancer in the first place.
    Therefore, it comes back, meanwhile, the cannabis causes the person to be stoned without realizing it due to the neurological impairment, as the neurological function is diminished, therefore they do not feel the discomfort because the neurological communication is restricted, not resolved. Although the cancer will reduce initial tumor size, but the DNA alteration is not corrected and repeated effects return. The cause of the cancer is incorrect mineral proportions to each other, changing the DNA information, causing cell manufacture to be different from normal. It is called “MUTATION”
    Cannabis does not correct that, therefore causing further problems.
    In addition, many become addicted, evidenced by the many pot-heads who innocently were taking it for recreational use, only to become addicted and developed the many side effects. This will become the ruination of this country, and people will innocently become stoned and “Do not care” about what is going on.
    My goal is to correct the biochemistry in the most correct way so that the body has all the minerals in their correct proportion, which corrects the “Domino Effect” to cause corrective chemistry to natural correct proportions to each other, correcting the electromagnetic fields, causing correct DNA information, the cells are now made correctly, the previously made “Incorrect Cells” can no longer survive in the corrected environment and die of in a natural manner with no toxic chemistries. The body does it all as a natural process.
    The “Cellular and Chemistry Summary” explains the natural process of how this all works.
    The source of cancer is that the incorrect proportions of minerals to each other cause the incorrect responses. Toxic chemistries and mineral deficiencies cause these reactions, surgery removes the result, not the cause, the cause was not addressed, which is why it “Returns”
    Toxic applications can kill cancer, but also makes the body more deficient than before, then the next generation is further deviated than the previous generation, they call it “More Aggressive” instead of the “Result of Additional Toxicity causing increased Mutation”
    There are some people innocently do not realize the negative attributes to cannabis and then realize it is not the correct application, and therefore stop promoting it.
    Then there are those who want it legalized because they want to continue getting stoned in a legal easy to get environment. Those people are a threat to themselves as well as to society.
    I will not allow any cannabis support on the group site, and I will not allow anyone to solicit the people in the group. The recent push to support cannabis is extremely upsetting because people in general do not understand the devastating consequences related to marijuana and anything related to it.
    I hope that you consider this info to properly understand what it is and the potential problems it causes.
    I need to know your mindset before I can consider accepting you into the group in effort to protect the group members.

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