Thursday, 29 January 2015

JFK Researcher Greg Parker will publicly give Jennifer apology on solving JFK assassination

Interesting that you copy and paste my words and answer them on YOUR wall where I can not reply Judyth Baker yet you do not have the integrity to answer HERE where we BOTH have a voice . Ooo and thank you for encouraging your minions to pray for me though it is really not needed as my tongue does not taste of Beelzebub's love juices as your own. After all I did not create a biological weapon to kill anyone even dirty little communists. As for my being homophobic for pointing out that Ferrie was involved with young boys as you say only 15 and up and that was a long time before you knew him ... Good luck with that one Dear as I have been openly bisexual for many years now so my real life is sort of at cross purposes with your lies about me . As for my not reading Me and Lee Lets put that one to bed right now shall we since you keep demanding that EVERYONE read it. Give your permission HERE AND NOW and I will read it page by page chapter by chapter on an audio podcast followed by commentary by every researcher who ever posted on Spartacus Educational. I DO have your book Judyth and I am ready at any time to prove that and read it in PUBLIC
. Oooo yeah and I never said that YOU injected anyone but YOU DID KNOW that it was going to be injected and tested on Humans . Even you are not that stupid .
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  • Andrea Skolnik Showing your true colors with each word again I see . Ahhh yes lets all take you serious . Serious Serious Researcher you are .
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  • Steve Crisafi Lighten up Andrea...You always have to come off soooo serious and defensive....You blast this woman every way from Sunday...So a little levity is interjected....Just go with it....Don't worry, Judyth can't see it....She blocked me over a year ago so anything I post about her she can't see....
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  • Andrea Skolnik But Steve THIS group is to express ourselves freely remember... If you cant stand the heat and all that? Was not aware that I was supposed to turn the flame down to simmer . When the two of you are finished with your little private circle jerk le...See More
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  • Steve Crisafi I could care less about her spies....I don't fear her or her little minions...Bring it on...
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  • Steve Crisafi And thank you for the I'm not a foolish man...But I do have one hell of a sense of humor...
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  • Andrea Skolnik They are kind of cute and not all that scary , Just stating for the record that I did not make it as she will claim that I did like she lies about everything else she just pulls out of her ass about me. She tends to get things mixed up like who people are and what groups she has been in for 4 years .
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  • HP Albarelli My grandson loves those little guys!
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  • Gayle Nix Jackson For the record, I call them flying monkeys
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  • Frankie Vegas Minions? Or Judyth's lies? 
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  • HP Albarelli Flying monkeys: that's the Wizard of Oz.
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  • Karl Golovin Andrea Skolnik I would just like us to cordially greet each other at some future (likely JFK-centric) venue so we can each confirm that the other exists, and that we are who we purport to be. Simple - nothing more. No lengthy reply required - just pick an event/venue, then- Just Show Up:)!
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  • Frankie Vegas I can vouch for Andrea being who she says she is Karl, I've known her for years and she is herself. she is also very straight up, what you see is what you get... I'm unsure as to why people think she is a congressman, Pat Anderson, or me... Andrea never posts as if she is anything or anyone else and never makes any wild claims about things...
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    "... Excusing pedophilia and killing innocent people is morally corrupt, repugnant and illegal." That's the new charge. I did not excuse pedophilia. How disgusting of you to po
    ...See More
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  • Frankie Vegas Yeah, no caps!
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  • Greg Parker More than that. The style is just not her.
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  • Greg Parker " If you get it on with your own doppelganger, what is that called?" A doppelbanger.
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  • Frankie Vegas same as the new lsd post on her page... there is none of her usual deep emotion and cult like rhetoric.
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  • Greg Parker "Scott does go on an on about his own dipstick. I am sure at some point we will all see pictures of it but then Fetzer will just claim they are all fakes and they will be shared in 100 groups and enlarged and analysed that will take up extraordinary amounts of all our time."

    Judyth can do a pixilation study. 3 Pixel shouldn't be difficult.
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  • Scott R. Kaiser Rather "large" pixels. 
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  • Andrea Skolnik I am suffering under no delusion as to who I am or if I existKarl Golovin and if you are at this stage of your life I would get off the computer and seek psychological help post haste as you will not find your answers here . I had my Dandelion Wine m...See More
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  • Scott R. Kaiser Karl, why did you have to get Andrea started shit! Now she's gonna write a book long paragraph every time!
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  • Greg Parker Andrea, wouldn't her home page banner be against FaceBook rules given that it is misleading... not to mention stomach-churning? Some of les bright followers are bound to believe that is an actual photo of her and Lee...
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  • Andrea Skolnik Oooo yes Karl I understand that you said a lengthy reply was not needed but you are the one implying that I am not who I claim because you were sent by your Queen Judyth to leave that comment and imply that I am not who I claim . That has been her ploy...See More
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  • Scott R. Kaiser Greg, are you calling everyone stupid but you? There you go again trying to think above the rest, but your dog ate your homework!
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  • Andrea Skolnik At least mine are new Scott and not simply copied and pasted from old shit I wrote when I was attacking Judyth , Then oo wait I like her now , Ooo wait now I hate her again in to every group I am in . Mine also tend to make sense and actually apply to...See More
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  • Scott R. Kaiser At least mine are new Scott "BOOBS"?
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  • Andrea Skolnik Ahhh another insightful comment from Scott, They just pour out of you don't they . Why don't you ask a few people how easy it is for me to ignore someone without blocking them Scott. Why not ask a few people how when I decide to I can simply ignore yo...See More
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  • Frankie Vegas "garden of stupid..." I'm so stealing that one!
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  • Andrea Skolnik Welcome to it I like yours better anyway , I said yard not garden. I doubt any garden that Scott could grow would feed a slug let alone anyones goat .
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  • Andrea Skolnik I never said I would not talk about him , What I have no need to do is address his stupid directly or engage in back and forth banter that he can use as an excuse to post his name here over and over so that everyone sees it because he knows that this g...See More
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  • Scott R. Kaiser Andrea, if you could keep you post(s) to a sentence or two that would be awesome. For some reason, I always find myself getting sleepy after I read your posts.
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  • Jennifer Stone Read Judyth's book, without her knowledge coming out to the open researchers had no proof on the reports of the SV40 virus and the underground in New Orleans.
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  • Frankie Vegas Everyone notice that Judyth only addressed my wrong posting of mental health patient instead of prisoner and not address her taking part in the murder of said prisoner? Why am I not surprised?
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  • Frankie Vegas And Judyth, I am arranging a copy of your book to be sent to me by someone who no longer wants it. Funny, when I asked I had three people message me happy to send me their unwanted signed copies...
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  • Greg Parker Jennifer.... we still have no proof. We have a story wound around proof she lived in New Orleans, knew a little about cancer and worked at 725 Magazine St... the rest of it comes from bits and pieces gathered from various records and researchers, and ...See More
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  • Andrea Skolnik What was that smell? Did someone fart in here ?? OOo no just Scott attempting a witty retort
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  • Scott R. Kaiser Andrea, please get your nose out of my @$$!
  • Jennifer Stone Judyth's research I showed to the Coroner of NSW and to the hospital at St George and St Vincents both signed off for the coroner my research. It is within my book.
  • Frankie Vegas where is your book?
  • Andrea Skolnik I think this is her

    Visit's Jennifer Stone Page and shop for all Jennifer Stone books and other Jennifer Stone...
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  • Jennifer Stone This gang that I allege was behind the assassination linked to KIngs Cross Sydney through Onassis.
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  • Jennifer Stone Google it Greg Parker then you may take me more seriously.
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  • Andrea Skolnik Yes Greg Parker , READ THE BOOKS a few hundred times it does not matter cause even when you do read them and point out what bullshit they are you will STILL be accused of having never read them. It's a lose /lose really
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  • Jennifer Stone Hang on, I never said TO READ MY BOOKS Andrea Skolnik I asked to google Onassis and Kings Cross, then Onassis and JFK, then Onassis and Nugan-Hand Bank where the underworld was banking with payments going to Irving Trust regularly over that time. JFK ...See More
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  • Andrea Skolnik And Greg should spend his time doing all this research related to your books why exactly? Has he not already been in the Spartacus Educational forum for many many years and uploaded countless documents and interacted in thousands of threads . He ne...See More
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  • Jennifer Stone So please Andrea Skolnik my information has gone to Texas Board even on JFK the case is open. What I have picked up many missed. Had Detectives here this week with questions on the drug network linking around the world which flourished when JFK was assassinated.
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  • Greg Parker Jennifer, I just picked a random paragraph from a random page from a random book from your vast written body of work. I retype it here word for word with punctuation and other errors left uncorrected.

    Reports: Police informants Phuong Gno going throu
    ...See More
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  • Jennifer Stone Actually, if you read my book I dont prop up Judyth.
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  • Jennifer Stone You will be giving me an apology Greg Parker when I expose the information further.
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  • Scott R. Kaiser You're my hero Greg!

    Music video by Enrique Iglesias performing Hero. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,716,461. (C) 2001...
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    • Scott R. Kaiser Gee, I wonder if Greg has sold a book yet, or has his dog eaten it? LMAO! LOLOLOLO!!!!!
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    • Greg Parker Jennifer's other option is to join the incredible roll-call of authors at TrineDay. She would fit in there.
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    • Scott R. Kaiser You know, I've come to realize that the only fucktards that put people down, insult them and think they are above everyone else is Greg, Frankie and Andrea, and hell yeah, I will defend anyone from these asshole including JVB.
    • Frankie Vegas If I apologise now will you stop posting Jennifer?

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