Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Government is aiding and abetting the underworld in Kings Cross

The  Kings Cross Sting Private Investigation is nearly closed.  The Tarot tells me so.

We look at the aiding and abetting where the Government needs to act to clean a city up.

The injecting room is 66 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.
Allegedly Love Machine is 70 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross

We have the gate to Kellett Street for the way out?

We do not need the injecting room once the brothel is searched in Kings Cross you will find this will expose what they have all protected the Satanic  Cult that exists.

The Ice users find a bigger hit with the Methadone Clinic.  So we look at where these are in the area.

  • Kirketon Road Centre

    www.seslhd.health.nsw.gov.au › SHSEH
    KRC is a targeted primary health care facility located in Kings Cross. ... treatment and rehabilitation programs; methadone access program and referral; crisis  ...
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  • State approves heroin injecting room: NSW | The Australian

    Sep 25, 2010 - AT 10am on a Friday the streets of Sydney's Kings Cross are busy with... At the other extreme is methadone, a treatment for which there's  ...
  • Who We Are - Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre

    Dr Jauncey previously worked as a drug and alcohol doctor in Kings Cross, having ...where her duties included co-ordinating the existing IV methadone clinic.
  • Kirketon Road Centre - Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

    Sep 24, 2014 - Located in Kings Cross in Sydney, New South Wales, the centre primarily targets ... sexual health screening and treatment of STIs; methadone  ...
  • Please move these items out of Kings Cross.  How  does a drug dealer give up drugs in this  environment.
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