Friday, 16 January 2015

NSW Police Force Hazard removal is there a connection with pot smoking increase in Kings Cross

In the history Abe Saffron and his accountant who guarded the garbage bins of heroin stocked in the offices in Kings Cross had a theory, if the drugs were caught they would come back to them through the back door.

We have in Kings Cross an increase of Pot smokers at the moment.  This is of interest when we have the large amount of Medical grown Cannabis being caught by the Police and pulled out of late.  Yet the alleged Rebels with the Pot farm at Wilton remain untouched.  Co-incidence...this is a report from 2008 yet we have probably the same system happening today.

In 2011, I could only find one pot smoker who had to have the smack delivered to him so now this has increased?  Why?  Police taking a tough line on the drug ice users...yet where has the products really gone?
Dolormatrix won the contract.  Now was sharemarket public listed.  Yet the website doesn't work?  How is this happening I think.  Dolarmatrix Australia Pty Ltd is one of 5 companies under this umbrella.

Delisted in 2012, however still active with the tenders I noticed.

Archived Tender Detail View - 16102007RFT

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