Thursday, 1 January 2015

James Files to be interviewed regarding JFK assassination again

 attended a Motel where Meyer came with the alleged loot for the payday that was happening.
I wonder where the Umbrella went too from the Umbrella Man....I did find a image float down the pages where Files was found to be walking up from the Grassy Knowl and from that point on I had not been able to find the Umbrella in pictures.
I know the Umbrella is not much to some people. Yet to me it is the Occult meanings behind and how when the limousine driven by Greer came to the Umbrella i twas the timing. The throat shot. Yet the Umbrella if it was allegedly a gun I believe and allege was the timing for the Governor Connally's wrist to be shot. I have read reports where the Umbrella some thought it flew a dart but the throat positioning on JFK was I allege mutalated for the forensics.
James Files may know more about the positions of this chess game of pieces where I found two pieces within a safe in Australia Sydney Kerry Packer and Judyth said LHO had told her the assassination was being played like chess pieces. This is a co-incidence where Sydney and Dallas were meeting.
This gang is still alive that I write about.
The money that was moving from the Nugan-Hand bank in Sydney was moving to Irving Trust...Irving is the suburb of Dallas where Ruth Paine was living.
We have Onassis when the Nugan-Hand Bank was allegedly going down in Australia Sydney,Kings Cross the man that was connecting to Maurice Bernard Houghton but Files may be the link to connect Sydney and Dallas further to the assassination of JFK and how Houghton came to Sydney, Kings Cross in 1967 afterwards.
I hope we can all shed some light.
Looks like I'm interviewing James files for the board
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  • Jennifer Stone
    I have time lines within my book, yet I write in riddles regarding Prescott Bush and further. Im still really editing but I hope tomorrow I gain a Police search warrant to expose them.
    2 December 2014 23:08
    Keep me posted
    3 December 2014 19:21
    Yes I will, you guys will all hate me, I have been in court today, I was to explain about the hidden compartment that these premises in Kings Cross were at the centre of the underworld from 1958 to 2009 when the biggest heroin bust happened.
    I hope for the Police search warrant every day.
    Now Ill make you think, We had Barry Seal known to fly out after the assassination of JFK he flew allegedly to mexico then to Laos regularly. So where is that coffin that Danny Vasquez talks about.
    21 minutes ago
    I have some stuff on James Files this is the PDF that is on the internet. Ill send this in another file for you to scan to find the name James Files within the text. I do believe he will shed some light but the right questions have to be asked. Thank you, I know the spirits are rejoicing.
    Museum Coming Alive Matrix Where the Bones Remain.
    This is just one day before, so not much would have changed but easier to quick search....Thank you For what its worth, I didn't put James files with the gun big enough to shoot the President but I do believe when they search in Kings Cross they will find the shipping casket that allegedly JFK was moved in. I believe that's is why in the exhuming of the body of JFK has not happened, and the mercury that will be found when the body is located will match to what he has been saying.

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