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Jessica Small Missing Person Bathurst The Kings Cross Sting sheds light

Homicide Squad welcomes $100,000 reward for information on the disappearance of Jessica Small

Friday, 09 January 2015 10:59:49 AM
***Editors note: Images of Jessica Small and a car similar to the one she was last seen in have been sent to media outlets. Please check your inbox before contacting the Police Media Unit on (02) 8263 6100. ***
The Homicide Squad has today welcomed a NSW Government reward of $100,000 for information relating to the disappearance and suspected murder of Jessica Small in 1997.
Jessica Small, 15, was last seen in the early hours of Sunday 26 October 1997 after attending the ‘Amuse Me’ amusement centre on Russell Street, Bathurst, with a female friend.
The girls were attempting to hitch-hike home and entered a white-coloured VK Holden Commodore sedan driven by a man.
He stopped the car on Hereford Street, Bathurst, and turned off the head-lights, allegedly assaulting both girls and attempting to detain them in the vehicle. Jessica’s friend was able to escape and alert nearby residents.
The car, with its headlights still turned off, was seen a short time later travelling along the Great Western Highway at Kelso before turning onto O'Connell Road towards O'Connell.
Jessica has not been seen or heard from since and police believe she was murdered.
Strike Force Carica II was formed by the Homicide Squad in 2007 and continues to investigate Jessica’s disappearance and suspected murder.
Homicide Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Michael Willing, said the strike force, under the leadership of Detective Sergeant Peter Smith, had conducted extensive inquiries into Jessica’s disappearance in recent years both in NSW and interstate.
“That includes the forensic examination of several vehicles similar to that described by Jessica’s friend, interviews with former workers at an Oberon timber mill where a man who might have met the girls the night Jessica disappeared worked, and excavations at a riverbank in O’Connell,” Det Supt Willing said.
“Unfortunately those leads have not enabled us to find Jessica, but we are hopeful that the reward may prove to be an incentive for someone to come forward with new information.”
NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Stuart Ayres, said Jessica’s family had now gone almost two decades without knowing what had happened to her.
“We hope that someone out there has the answers that Jessica’s family so desperately want and need,” Mr Ayres said.
“Police have worked tirelessly on this investigation and spoken to hundreds of people, but there could be someone else out there with new information that could help this case move forward.
“I implore any person who has not yet spoken to police to come forward and tell them what they know.”
Detectives are also keen to hear from anyone who has knowledge of the vehicle used in the incident.
The white VK Holden Commodore sedan had an orange blanket covering the back shelf above the rear seat, as well as a number of holes in the front passenger foot-well.
The reward of $100,000 is available for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for Jessica’s disappearance and suspected murder.
Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our Facebook and Twitter pages

Jessica Small Findings Final - Coroner's Court - NSW ...
Jun 6, 2014 - That Jessica Beth Small died on or after the 26th of October ... 15 year old when she went missing during the early hours of the morning of 26 ...

The Scorpion Pattern I have already seen.

Jessica was last seen in the Kelso area on 26 October 1997
Jessica Small was kidnapped at 12.40am on October 26, 1997, after she and friend Vanessa Conlon accepted a ride from Bathurst to nearby Kelso to visit friends.
She was the fourth young female hitch-hiker to be killed over an eight week period that year with Lee Ellen Stace, 16 and Lauren Barry, 15, and Nichole Collins, 16, all vanishing.

Bathurst Police have spent years trying to track the kidnapper who Jessica's friend, Vanessa, managed to escape.
The pair had been playing the juke box and chatting with friends at the Amuse-Me games parlour in Bathurst when they decided to visit friends in Kelso about 12.40am.
A man, driving what police believed to be a white sedan similar to a VK or VL Commodore, offered the girls a lift.
About 100m short of their friend's house the man stopped and assulted both of them.
Vanessa broke free and ran to a house to raise the alarm but Jessica was never seen again.
It had been just a five minute drive with a man neither of the girls had ever seen in Bathurst.

Orange is for magicK for protection.  We find the colour was utilised within the car.
The head of Strike Force Carica II, Detective Sergeant Peter Smith, says new information about the car was received after witnesses were re-interviewed.
"The motor vehicle was a light coloured VK Holden Commodore with an orange blanket on the back parcel shelf and a number of holes on the front passenger footwell," he said.
"That's very significant information and we believe it's a very particular vehicle and those particular descriptions should jog somebody's memory."

Is this someone?  Or is this the red herring?
While she is grateful to homicide detectives who recently unearthed a vital clue, that an Oberon timber mill worker was asking about Jessica at a games parlour the night she was abducted, she is bitter it took more than a decade for the information to surface.

They leave a link in the evidence.  MA I found within the JFK assassination.  MA means Grass.
Jessica Small, 15, disappeared in October 1997 after a night at the Amuse Me games arcade in Bathurst, in the state's central west.

Amuse Me?  AM were the capitals...yet MA if we reverse was the pattern I found continually through the Private Investigation.

Co-incidence to this murder is again Superintendent Mike Willing.

A $100,000 reward has been offered for help in solving the case of a teenage girl who disappeared in a disturbing abduction in central west NSW.
Fifteen-year-old Jessica Small was last seen in Bathurst about 12.35am on October 26, 1997.
Jessica was hitchhiking with a friend, Vanessa Conlan, to a mate's house when the pair were picked up by a man in a white Holden Commodore.
The man drove the girls a short distance before turning on them.
Vanessa managed to escape and fled down the street, thinking Jessica was behind her.
However Jessica has not been seen since.
Missing girl Jessica Small, last seen in Bathurst about 12.35am on October 26, 1997. (NSW Police)
Missing girl Jessica Small, last seen in Bathurst about 12.35am on October 26, 1997. (NSW Police)
Homicide Squad commander Superintendent Mick Willing said investigators believe she was murdered.
"It's been almost two decades and this was a 15-year-old girl who vanished off the street of a NSW city," he said.
Supt Willing believes there are people who know what happened to Jessica.
"I implore these people to come forward and tell us what they know."
Investigators have spoken to dozens of people, including persons of interest, excavated a riverbank at O'Connell, about halfway between Bathurst and Oberon, and examined several vehicles.
The current investigation has been thwarted by serious failings by Bathurst police when Jessica initially disappeared.
After an inquest last year, NSW deputy state Coroner Sharon Freund found there were serious inadequacies that had complicated the investigation.
She recommended a reward to solve the case not be less than $500,000.
Supt Willing confirmed there were still persons of interest in the sights of police.


We have the Police refusing to check the brothel in Kings Cross.  Yet it was strange I had a young guy who talked about his father had owned the Timber Mills and many connected.

I can remember the guy turning up at the brothel, I can't remember whether he used a card, but I can remember the card being refused by the bank.  He did go and get cash, I can remember this.

The timber mill was a link.

The man had revealed he worked at the local timber mill in nearby Oberon, where 20 investigators set up camp yesterday with plans to stay ''as long as it takes''.
Detective Sergeant Smith said they would interview every male worker at the timber mill who, in 1997, was aged between 18 and 45.

The guy that came into the brothel was young.  He said his father had been managing or the owner?

Jessica and Vanessa, also 15, hitched a ride from central Bathurst with a man - thought to be driving a white VK Holden Commodore sedan - to Kelso, just east of the town.
The man stopped the car and turned off the headlights just short of their destination, then grabbed Vanessa around her throat. While Vanessa broke free and was able to run to neighbours for help, Jessica was never seen again.
Jessica's mother, Ricki Small, said she had long suspected the man who took her daughter might have been a local.
''I've always had a gut feeling it might have been someone from around the Bathurst area,'' she said.
Interesting on this blog they link to Hayley Dodd and it is the pattern for which I could link them.

Could allegedly the car be a ex police car?  Or was it an undercover?  Even was it the right model?

When I researched the unsolved murders in this area I linked to Janine Vaughan missing person in 2001.

The Police Officer involved within this disappearance was the Police Officer at the Primia Facia of the case of Janine Vaughan.

Both of these are missing persons.  No body has been found.

Aug 3, 2011 - Pursuant to Section 101 of the Police Integrity Commission Act 1996, I hereby ...... former Detective Sergeant Hoseman's and Ms Vaughan.
Aug 11, 2013 - Photo: Police believe Jessica Small was abducted and murdered after ... While some people have told police former officer Bradley Hoseman  ...

  1. Police watchdog calls for action against officers - National ... › National
    Dec 19, 2007 - One senior police officer should be prosecuted for misconduct and ...Jacob over his inquiries into Brad Hoseman, a former detective inspector.
    May 13, 2002 - THE woman who claims Bathurst detective and deputy mayor Brad the arm when talking, who sat on Hoseman's lap "of your own volition”. ... Paris terrorist attack: France in mourning as police mount huge manhunt for  ...
    Aug 3, 2011 - Pursuant to Section 101 of the Police Integrity Commission Act 1996, I hereby ...... former Detective Sergeant Hoseman's and Ms Vaughan.
  4. [PDF]Rani Report.pdf - Police Integrity Commission
    charge of the investigation was (former) NSW Detective Sergeant Bradley George ....Why havent you done anything about this bastard Hoseman here in.
  5. Police watchdog calls for action against officers - National ... › National
    Dec 19, 2007 - One senior police officer should be prosecuted for misconduct and another ... Jacob over his inquiries into Brad Hoseman, a former detective inspector.... Ms Brazel from a detective senior constable to a detective sergeant.
  6. Family still seeking truth - Sydney Morning Herald
    Sep 16, 2012 - Brad Hosemans, a sergeant at Bathurst police station, was one of three men ... At that coronial inquiry, Detective Inspector Peter Houlihan said  ...
  7. There is a few questions....
  8. Detective Fenwick Kings Cross Police Station left soon after receiving my evidence on the gang in Kings Cross and for the request for the Police search warrant for 6/34-36a Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross.
  9. In Homocide by what I have read Detective Fenwick said within reports he taught all the Police to be with Homocide.  Now I do not know what time frame.
  10. The question of Wood's Royal Commission I allege implemented a system where it protected the gang from ever being exposed.  Without a body the gang was in control.
  11. The wall of silence is built I allege upon murder.  The Kings Cross Sting examined patterns, yet no one would fully investigate the Police themselves?
  12. Police Ingretity Commission by what I read because Detective Hoseman was not a police officer the problem just went away?
  13. Or did it?  You be the Judge.
  14. Yes, and those skulls will be held as evidence to keep allegedly a person on the payroll.  This drug network is huge and without the Police searching the premises in Kings Cross they allow the drug dealing to occur and the brothel to be closed and silent.
  15. I checked on Monday 5 January 2015  the gang still has the premises shut, yet the subfloor compartment will expose the "Pit of Death" and the skulls they collected for the underworld where they play Sex strings attached.

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